Take the pledge to not text and drive! #Itcanwait

I just came back from the American Idol tour tonight and can’t wait to tell you all about it in a few weeks. While I love American Idol and got to meet them all close up, I truly believe my favorite part was learning that AT&T was sponsoring the #Itcanwait campaign at all American Idol tour stops around the country. They are encouraging all people to take the pledge not to text and drive.

I will fully admit that I was one of those people who would text when the light became red. Even though it was red and I was technically at a stop light (I never texted when I was driving), I knew that what I was doing was wrong. Then about a month ago, I heard of a horrific accident where the driver was texting and ended up running a red light and killing 2 of the passengers in the car. At that point, I decided my texting in the car days were over. I will gladly sign this pledge over and over, and I encourage all my readers to do the same! Truly it can save your life.

Do you think you are one of those people who can ride a car and text at the same time? Please think again because you are not invincible- no one is! The car is meant to be a place to drive only and not be distracted with using a phone. Do you know those who use a cell phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who don’t do it? Why put yourself and possibly your children in harms way. Take the pledge here and vow not to text and drive.

I took the pledge, the Idols took the pledge, people around the world took the pledge- now won’t you! That one text can wait- I promise!

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    I am so glad they are bringing this to light. I’m so tired of seeing people txting and driving. Nothing scares me more! Stop Signs and Stop Lights are not break periods to txt!

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    This is such an important issue. I’ve learned to leave my phone in my purse while driving, I don’t even like to talk on the phone..anything that distracts from driving is dangerous.