Spinning into Action with #SpinbrushCFK #Cbias (The Donation)

If you remember a few weeks ago, I talked about the need for good oral health in our country and how I was going to participate in the Champions for Kids Simple Project to help kids smile again. Being a dentist, this project was near and dear to my heart and I routinely see that not enough children have access to the supplies needed to give children good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, if the parents do not have the financial means to provide them with the basic dental supplies, the kids will suffer. I remember being in dental school in a low income area, and seeing patients who didn’t even own a toothbrush. It gives me satisfaction in knowing that I can help to try to change this in my profession. I routinely donate dental supplies (as I receive so many monthly) so I was happy to participate in the Champions for Kids Simple Project for July.

Dental care is a subject that is not readily talked about much when dealing with needs that children have. In my time as a dentist, I have seen kids having to go to the emergency room because of the amount of pain they had from one simple tooth infection. Since becoming a dentist, I have not only tried to help these children but also to educate the parents on the importance of proper dental care. Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases. Children living in poverty suffer twice as much from tooth decay as their affluent peers and their disease is likely to go untreated. I thought to myself it is time for our country as a whole to step up to the plate and help make this staggering statistic vanish.

For my part, I headed to Walmart and purchased the amazing Arm and Hammer SpinBrush. I didn’t purchase many other items there as we have many dental supplies at home that I donate monthly to various charities and offices throughout my state. We love the Arm and Hammer Brushes so much we ended up buying quite a few:

My son likes to start early with brushing his teeth and wanted to get in on the action of me shopping:

After we got home and Hayley decorated her new Arm and Hammer SpinBrush, we put together a nice box of dental supplies that we would donate to a local dental office that was participating in Making Kids Smile Again. I knew of one office in my immediate area where I live that readily believed in going above and beyond in helping children get back their smile again. I thought how wonderful it would be to join on their crusade in trying to educate, as well as help children, with the basic oral dental needs that they might have not had. They are an office that goes beyond our basic call of duty in trying to help promote good oral health. By donating to them, I knew I was going to make a difference in these children’s lives.

I put together a nice box of Arm and Hammer Spinbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash. I was very happy with my donation box that we put together for the office in my community.

After we packed up the car with our donation, I headed to the office to give the doctor our donation box. He was so happy that I was helping in the crusade to educate more children about dental care. He also absolutely loved the Arm and Hammer toothbrushes and knew the kids would be so excited to get them. I stayed to take a few pictures of the children receiving their donation:



This was such a gratifying experience for me personally and professionally. I truly hope you will all donate some dental supplies this month to a charity of your choice and help kids get back their smile. A huge THANK YOU to Arm and Hammer and Champions for Kids for recognizing dental care is something that needs to be addresses. I personally thank you!

To see my actual shopping for the awesome #SpinbrushCFK brushes, check out my google plus story. Spin into Action by liking Champions for Kids and Arm & Hammer on Facebook, as well as finding Champion for Kids and Arm & Hammer on Twitter. Also Arm and Hammer wanted to give you this coupon to save $2.00 off of each Spinbrush so be sure to take advantage of it!


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    I really love that people are focusing on giving toothbrushes and these are great. I always include toothbrushes for my grand kids in there Easter baskets and I think they look forward to those as well as the Easter baskets.

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    what a great way to teach your kids to give back! Thanks for sharing! I honestly didn’t know arm & hammer sold spin toothbrushes. I will look for them on our next shopping trip.

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    I love the Thomas one. Might need to use that coupon and get one for Jude! Great way to give back. I am glad that dental health, in children especially, is being talked about more! It is so important – as you know! ;)

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    I cant imagine a child in the ER with tooth pain. :( so sad! The spiderman spinbrush would have been the biggest hit in our house!

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    I love that these toothbrushes come in fun designs, especially the one that they can design themselves. We need the extra incentive for our kids to brush. :)

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    On my latest visit to the dentist, I was given a new toothbrush and they emphasized how important a proper toothbrush is.

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    What an amazing experience! I love it! My kids always get a new toothbrush every Christmas but I am thinking they need to get a new one more often, and now I”m really wanting to get those spin brush toothbrushes.

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    My husband and I use Sonicare for ourselves and really want to get one for our older son. I think the Spinbrush might be a good alternative. It is unfortunate that oral hygiene for kids get so little attention. It’s such a huge problem, but not so recognized by many. Your post has certainly shed some light to this issue.

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    Thanks for shedding more light on the issue of children dental hygiene. It’s easy to take something like a toothbrush for granted, but clearly there is cause to get active and help other families with this basic, but important need.