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I really can’t wait to read your laughs this week. I need some cheering up! Last night, Hayley had a bad accident, falling down flat on her face on the cement stairs. I will be blogging about it on Tuesday but it was not a fun night. She is out of the hospital and resting now. Thanks for all your well wishes and stay tuned to see what happened on Tueday’s post.



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5. We went to see a screening of ParaNorman last night. It was very cute and although slightly scary for H’s age, she did great. When she was leaving the movie, someone asked her what she thought of the movie and if she was scared? Hayley responds, “No I was not scared.. Why be scared when it is all pretend.” Love her!

4. Zane is not the most friendly brother to Hayley. Hayley absolutely dotes on him and all Zane does is push her away when she tries to hug him. It is very cute but poor Hayley.

3. I am so proud of Zane with his signing. He basically tells me everything he wants via signing. He has now drummed together three signs in a word- such as more crackers please.

2. Zane likes to go around to the other kids in his music class and call each one a baby. I tell him that those kids are bigger than him, but he constantly tells them baby to each of them.

1. In regards to Hayley accident last night, there was blood and a lot of blood. However, earlier that day, she banged her foot at her friend’s pool and had the smallest cut from it. Today when I was at work, I called the babysitter to ask how Hayley was feeling. She tells the babysitter she feels good but she is concerned that her little tiny cut on her bottom of her foot was still bleeding. She didn’t even mention her whole face being double the size or the cuts over her face- she chose to focus on the tiniest cut, lol!

Now your laughs:

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  1. says

    I’m glad to read that her nose isn’t broken after all. Hopefully she’ll be back to her normal, silly self in no time!! And, way to go Zane with the baby signing!

  2. Tiffany says

    Poor lady! Sounds like a very trying week!
    My 3 year old is BRUTAL to her older sisters. I mean, really nasty sometimes. I think it’s a normal thing. :)
    Hope Baby heals quickly!

  3. says

    Poor baby!! I know that is so scary. My daughter fell and hit her head. She was crying and throwing up. We were so scared. The doctor said she was fine, but it was so scary!!! I hope she starts feeling better. You too!

  4. says

    Poor Haley! G calls every other child a baby too! And, she points to her boo-boos all the time, even when they aren’t there anymore! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. says

    So glad she is okay.
    So cute that Hayls knows to not be scared at pretend stuff!
    Awww to Zane calling the kids babies. I love when they do that :)

  6. says

    Poor Hayley!! It’s so scary when they get hurt. But funny that she was so worried about her tiny cut but not her face! Kids are so interesting :)

  7. says

    Oh my gosh! Poor hayley! I hope she is alright!!

    Smart girl understanding that it is pretend and not being scared…I know its pretend but I still get scared haha!

    Lincoln calls 5 year olds babies haha…todders are funny!

    I used to dote on my baby brother too…but he was teh same way. I guess it’s how boys are. I even have a journal entry from when my brother was like maybe a year and it says, “i wish Trent was young again so he would hug me.” Haha, as if he could get much younger than a year!

    Love your laughs as always!

  8. says

    I think its funny how kids focus just on what they can see, like the bottom of her foot. Unless she looks in a mirror I am betting she won’t give her face a thought at all. ;) I hope she is having a much better weekend, poor little lady! Zane needs to give her a hug back! Hope you are all having a great weekend.

  9. says

    Hi Melissa,
    I am so sorry to read about Hayley’s accident. I hope she will be real fine soon. I like the laughs you shared especially the one where Hayley said she was not scared as it was only pretend!:) Brave girl. Take care and all the very best to you and your family.

  10. says

    Poor Hayley! I hope she feels better!

    Marlee also dotes on Brekken…we will see what he does when he’s big enough to decide. :)

    Have a great day!

  11. says

    I forgot how much I love reading these posts! I will have to remember to link up next week. Zane sounds like he has developed QUITE the personality! I want to teach signing to my next little one — I think that’s so cool!

    I hope Haylee is feeling better — and you, too for that matter! How traumatic — I can’t even imagine!

    I hope you all had a great weekend! <3

  12. maria says

    oh melissa, i am SO sorry to hear about hayley! poor poor girl! i’m so sorry you all had to go through that. i’m so glad to hear she’s okay. and gosh, how sweet that she focused on her tiny little cut. she’s a strong girl. many prayers being sent your way!

  13. Jordan Lardner says

    Sorry to hear about your daughter. My son likes to fall face first into the ground to, but his has not been as serious. Gla to hear she can still find humor after he accident! I love that he sings everything! Zane is just giving some tough love……poor sister! Love the laughs and I hope Hayley recovers quickly!