Dr. Seuss The Cat in The Hat Blu-Ray and DVD Review!

We are huge Dr. Seuss fans in our household. Before Hayley and Zane were even born, I bought the complete box set of Dr. Seuss books so my kids can grow up with the same love of Dr. Seuss as I had growing up!  My all time favorite Dr. Seuss book was definitely the “The Cat in The Hat.” I am so glad that Warner Brother’s home studio decided to bring The Cat in The Hat and remaster it to a DVD and Blue-Ray disc that  just got released yesterday, August 7, 2012.

The Cat in The Hat is one kids DVD you do not want to miss! Get ready to have your kids join in along with their favorite captivating feline! When we first received the DVD and put it on, Hayley instantly recognized the famous Cat in The Hat from the books. While she was excited to watch it, I did not realize that there would be lots of music in this fantastic DVD. Not only are there 2 Dr. Seuss classics but there is an awesome The Cat in The Hat sing-a-long which will have your kids up and dancing around the house!  Hayley is beginning to read so it was fun for her  to see the words going along the screen as she attempts to read them. Meanwhile, Zane shakes his booty to the songs throughout the DVD.

DVD synopsis:

Dick and Sally are stuck indoors on a dull, rainy day with nothing to do. Their dreary afternoon however takes an unexpected turn when they’re paid a visit by a charismatic, six-foot tall, hat-wearing cat, who invites himself in to search for his misplaced “moss-covered, three-handled family grendunza.” The children help the Cat in The Hat look for his missing keepsake but in the process, leave the house in a mess! Dick and Sally are captivated by the Cat in The Hat and his madcap, whimsical ways, and pass the afternoon in sheer delight, singing happy songs and engaging in playful mayhem with their uninvited guest! Everyone is having way too much fun to notice the house is a complete mess! That’s until Dick and Sally hear their mother coming home. How in the world will they clean up the enormous mess before she walks through the front door?

Hayley and even little Zane loved this DVD! I have to admit that just last night they watched it four times. Both of them giggle with delight when I put it on. Hayley ‘s favorite part (and I have to agree with her), is when the Cat in The Hat says who he is in all these different languages including German, Spanish, and French. Both of us were giggling hearing the Cat in The Hat try to “speak” in different languages. If you are looking for a perfect way to bring Dr. Seuss to the big screen, look no further than the new Dr. Seuss The Cat in The Hat Blu-Ray and DVD!




*I received an advanced copy from Warner Brothers for review purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside source.


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    My kids love the Cat in the Hat. We’re always glued onto PBS every morning at 9.30 thanks to the Cat’s many escapades! ;)