Do your kids wear school uniforms?

I can’t believe in under three weeks, school resumes. That is crazy to me as I feel that the summer just started. However, as most people know, summer flies by in what feels like a second, and then begins another new school year. This year, Zane and Hayley will both be going to school. Hayley will be starting her second, and probably final year, of preschool and little Zane, will be starting the toddler program for kids 18 months and up. I was hesitant on sending my little boy to the toddler program, but we sent Hayley and she loved it so much, we figured why not give it a try for Zane. Now the next step is what do they wear?

In Hayley and Zane’s school, they do not have dress codes. However, it is recommended that they wear collared shirts and closed toe shoes. In other words, while all dressing attire is allowed, they don’t want them coming in looking like they just stepped out of bed. Although our school does not have a rigid dressing style, a lot of private schools around us do have strict dressing policies. I have a lot of moms ask me where they can buy more proper children clothes. I usually tell them the usual mall stores have some good clothes for back to school, but for a complete back to school uniform look, they should check out the selections and find school uniforms at Tesco.

When I looked at clothing that is available at Tesco, I was so excited! For Hayley, I found the cutest cardigans and pleated skirts. I love the look of pleated skirts and this fashion look is so in now, that I knew this would definitely be on my shopping list. Matching a Tesco cardigan with a pleated skirt would look fantastic on 4 year old Hayley. I also loved their Back to School Girl Gingham Dress with matching hair accessory. So many styles to choice from at Tesco…

For Zane, I loved the boys two pack of trousers and the school sweatshirt. They even have matching ankle socks to complete a full back to school look. Top is off with a F & F Padded Coat and I am all set for a complete fall time look.

The clothes are Tesco are not only adorable but they are extremely reasonably priced. For the quality and the diversability of the outfits that you can find at Tesco, you will be glad you shopped there. Happy shopping!



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    My son doesn’t go to school yet, but the public schools here do have uniforms. I think the elementary he will go to doesn’t wear, but he definitely will for public middle school. Thanks for this info!