Shopping for clothes!

If you read my site, you know how much I love to shop! These days, I primarily shop for my kids, as I rather spend the money on them at this point. When I get a chance I usually try to shop at my local stores but with two kids under the age of four, this is not as feasible as I would like it to be. In tern, I end up doing a lot of shopping online. When I shop online, I usually can find the cutest children clothes. While my husband might get mad when I shop consistently for my children, I tell him that by me shopping online,  I am saving money by finding fabulous clothes at lower prices than I would end up spending in the stores.

While browsing online  the other day when the kids were asleep, I found an awesome kids store called Polarnopyret. The first thing that caught my eyes when I opened the web page was  the huge words- SALE..FINAL MARKDOWNS. Anytime I see those words on a shopping site, I am instantly drawn. At their store, they have clothes for all baby, boys, and girls. They carry sizes from newborn through 12 years of age. I found the greatest kids jackets, tee-shirts, sunhats, skirts, dresses, swimwear, pants, and tops. I also love the fact that they have unisex clothing as I can find clothes that Hayley and Zane can wear- if you can believe it, they are 2.5 years apart, but almost the same size.  I even found some adorable maternity clothes that I think I will be picking up for a friend of mine. Their clothes are made of the most  perfect quality and will last a lifetime! If you are a conscious spender, their clothes are also very reasonably priced.

This summer, I know my children will have some cute clothes. I know clothes are not important to some and that is fine, but I truly like my children to be fashionable.  Like I said before, I rather spend the money on them rather than me. I know this sounds crazy but it is true!  Of course though, I have to find a balance and spend on myself as well. Here is where the dilemma lies!



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    I love them! There are some super cute European kids clothes brands that are not household names in the U.S. but are pretty accessible thanks to online ordering. Great quality clothes, plus then your kids aren’t wearing the same stuff as everyone else.

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    Are these clothes that can be shipped to the US at a reasonable price? I’m trying to figure out how to say the name out loud :) You’d probably laugh at my attempts!

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    I’m going to check it out too! I like my son to look fashionable too (though he ends up being only in a diaper half the time haha). So this will be a fun place to check out now that we don’t live close to the Childrens place outlet anymore….I loved going there and getting new CP shirts for 1.50…it was amazing!