Reese Witherspoon Perfume (Love to the Fullest/In Bloom) and Step into Sexy Perfume Review

I have always been a Reese Witherspoon fan but had no idea that she came up with an incredible perfume line. I recently got introduced to two of her fragrances called Love to the Fullest and In Bloom.

In Bloom:

In Bloom is the sensual and elegantly alluring new fragrance from Reese Witherspoon, exclusively for Avon. It entices the senses with a bouquet of gardenia blossoms and lush floral smells, enveloped in amber wood and peach tea leaves.

When I first heard about the In Bloom line from Reese Witherspoon, I was skeptical because so many fragrances have been made by celebrities which I dislike. When I took my first whiff of this perfume though, I immediately got drawn to the woody scents mixed with floral scents. It is not too sweet or too woodsy, but a nice combination of the two. In it, you will pick up the magnolia scents which are dear to Reese Witherspoon’s memory of her growing up with all the abundant flowers around her.

While the smell is superb, the packaging of the bottle is simply gorgeous. It is small enough to carry with you or proudly display on your vanity stand. Be sure to check out In Bloom today. It retails for $16.99 on Amazon.

Life to the Fullest:

Life to the Fullest is a beautiful fragrance line by Reese Witherspoon made exclusively for Avon. It is sensual and sexy and features a seductive blend of black cherry, evening primrose coupled with a luxurious creamy sandstone accord.

While I truly like In Bloom, I think I might like Life to the Fullest even better. It is a pure delightful smell and is natural. It is fun, flirty, and cheerful. When I first put it on, I noticed a distinct primrose smell but was delighted in how it captured the essence of the perfume. It is a nice, rich scent but not overbearing where people want to stay away. It retails for $10.99 on Amazon.


Step into Sexy:

Slip into the pure sophistication of a scent that transforms you with violent, sensual florals and elegant golden ambers.  The face of this fragrance is Christy Turlington Burns. It is a fragrance that delivers essence of beauty.

With the top whiff of the fragrance, I smelled raspberry, freesia, and violet leaf. When I  really smelled it thoroughly I picked up smells of violet and rosewood. This perfume is floral and powdery without overdoing it! It truly is a beautiful smell. It comes in a cute, sexy bottle which you can proudly display. I give this perfume an A! It is available for purchase on the Avon sight for $20.00.


Be sure to check out these wonderful Avon perfumes today!! Avon is a very trusted name and these perfumes are no exception to that!



*I received products for reviewing purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. says

    I’m totally skeptical of celeb fragrances too. But it’s good to know these live up to the Reese name. Will need to check these out when I’m ready to replace my current scents. – Katy

  2. Belinda says

    I’m always looking for new perfumes to try. These sounds really nice! Gotta love the price of these! Plus I love Reece Witherspoon :)

  3. Christy Maurer says

    I can’t believe how reasonably priced they are! This would be a great gift idea for teens. Thank you for your review and thoroughness.