Reducing Home Odors with Filtrete Odor Reduction Intervention!

It is presently 105 degrees here in our wonderful state of Rhode Island! While I love the summer months, it gets to a point where the heat outside causes the air conditioner to not work to its best ability. As a result, the air temperature inside the house is still quite hot and there is really not much I could do rectify this problem.  Along with the dampness and hotness inside the house, comes horrible smells. While certain smells inside the house are not pretty, with the excessive heat, the smells increase 10 fold! I think you all know what I am talking about- the towels that are wet that start smelling horrid if they are not washed within 5 minutes..the bad “gas” cooking smells that linger inside the house from the oven…the chemicals that one uses to wash the house!  Thankfully, there is the new Filtrate Odor Reduction Filters that are now on the market to help with all those rancid home odors that linger in the house.

I know you might be thinking, why can’t I just use a cheap air freshener to mask the smells. Truth be told, air fresheners release volatile organic compounds in the air while scented candles and incense might contain particulates, soot, and chemicals! With the new Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters, you do not need to worry about any of this! The Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters help remove odors throughout the entire home while improving indoor  air quality. They remove the big and small odor smells of pets, cooking, tobacco, mildew, and cleaning chemicals.

While the new Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters, do an excellent job at removing odors, they have an additional benefit to those who suffer household allergies. The Filtrete Filters will help reduce airborne allergies such as mold, dust, and pollen debris from the air passing through the filter. I know for me, this is an incredible feature of the Filtrete Filters. I have very bad seasonal allergies and suffer through my sneezing fits when dust comes into the house. Zane, in addition to his food allergies, also has a dust/pollen allergy. Regardless of what we try, dust/pollen will in some way or another come into the house and make us suffer. However, with the Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters, we can feel completely safe knowing that the filter is reducing these pesky airborne allergens.

The way it works is the Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters features a carbon technology that combines tiny pores of activated carbon with electrostatically charged fibers to help trap odors and gases from the air passing through the filters. The Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters can do a dual purpose and has a unique 2 sided design, with one side capturing large airborne particles, and the other side that allows to remove household odors. Best of all- this product is $15.99! What a steal- if you ask me!

It will also help maintain airflow in heating and cooling situations. This may help prevent stress on the system and reduce the amount of energy needed to reach desired temperatures inside the house. Other electrostatically charged filters with similar ratings are tightly woven and may restrict airflow in the heating and cooling system. This may cause the system to work harder and run longer.

If you are not convinced yet, here are some additional product features:

Product Benefits:
• 65 times more effective than other carbon filters at removing odors, such as those from cooking,
tobacco smoke, pets, mildew and cleaning chemicals.
• Starts to remove even the strongest odors in minutes, after the furnace fan is turned on
• Captures large airborne allergens such as household dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris
• Captures microscopic particles such as smoke, pet dander and smog
• Last up to three months for odor removal and particle capture for air passing through the filter

I also want to share some exciting tips from healthy living expert, Building Biologist, and author Lisa Beres.  She has some simple solutions to create a fresh and healthy home. Enjoy!

Source: Kitchen refrigerator
Solution: Forgotten leftovers can cause a foul odor in your fridge. Clean the fridge
drawers and shelves by adding a few drops of natural dish soap to a bowl of baking soda
and stir until it creates a thick paste. This will remove odors as well as stains left behind
from food. Also store an open box of baking soda inside the fridge to help eliminate
odors before they start, and replace it with a fresh box at least every three months.
Source: Pests and repellants
Solution: Pesky ants and other insects can make their way into your kitchen pantry when
they’re on a mission to find food, but dousing them and your kitchen’s surfaces in toxic
repellent isn’t a healthy solution for the home or the family. Instead, set a line of coffee
grinds, lemon juice, cinnamon or cayenne pepper around doors and windows to create an
effective barrier they won’t cross.
Source: Cooking
Solution: Prevent unappealing cooking odors, such as fish, from spreading and lingering
throughout the entire home by upgrading to the Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter. It traps
odors and gases from the air passing through the filter and helps keep the home fresh for
families and houseguests. Synthetic air fresheners, candles and incense only provide
temporary relief from odors by masking them in one particular room but will do nothing
to remove the odors from the entire home.
Source: Damp towels
Solution: Wet towels from a shower, a trip to the gym or a day at the pool can be a
breeding ground for mildew to develop if they sit too long without drying. To rid towels
of the mildew smell, first wash them once in hot water with a cup or two of white vinegar.
Then wash them again with a natural or eco-friendly laundry detergent. Finally, dry the
towels in the dryer on high heat. To avoid mildew and associated smells in the future,
hang towels up right away to ensure they dry thoroughly.

Source: Candles and air fresheners

Solution: Instead of trying to mask the odors with store-bought air fresheners, create

your own air freshener by combining 10 drops of an essential oil — such as lavender or
eucalyptus — with two cups of water. Many air fresheners may sway you with the scents
of fresh cut grass, warm vanilla or tropical fruits, but they can contain synthetic
chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which can irritate eyes, skin and throats


If you want to have a wonderful product that helps reduce those nasty household odors and to simultaneously deal with household allergens, look no further than Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters. You can follow Filtrete on their Facebook and Twitter page for additional product details. Be sure to also sign up for Filtrete newsletter where you can get coupons, tips, and filter change reminders.



*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Filtrete and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

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  1. says

    I’ve been thinking about refilling my Plugin Oils with essential oils as more of a natural air freshener, so this is a really timely post! I also need to do a deep clean on the fridge and check to see when our furnace filter was changed last. So thanks for reminding me, haha!

  2. says

    This would be a much better way of reducing home odors instead of just masking them with worthless scents. My allergies go crazy when I enter a home with different scents everywhere. I love this more! Thanks for sharing this with us, Melissa!


  3. says

    What a great, innovative product! Much better idea than lighting candles all over the house and buying glade plug-ins! Thank you :)

  4. Teresha says

    This is genius! I buy the Filtrete allergen reducing filters. I am excited that they are making new useful products!

  5. says

    I am so smell sensative. I should really check these out.

    We had a watermelon issue at work last week where one went bad and exploded and I literally thought I was going to be sick. But so many things can make me feel that way if there are a lot of the item in one area.

  6. says

    I so want to try these! My whole family suffers from allergies and is very sensative to smells and I think these would make a huge difference!

  7. Jenna Wood says

    Carbon filters are great for hypoallergenic environments and odor filtration- I love my Filtrete!