PLAYSKOOL Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie and Let’s Rock Singin’ Cookie Monster

When Hayley was around 2, my mother in law purchased her the Playskool Let’s Rock Elmo for her birthday. Hayley has never put it down since the day she got it. She absolutely loves Let’s Rock Elmo and now Zane is harassing Hayley to let him have it these days. Thankfully, the nice people at Playskool sent me the Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie  and Let’s Rock Singin’ Cookie Monster for review.


When we first got the Playskool Let’s Rock Cookie Monster and Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie, the kids attacked the box. They were so excited to have Ernie’s friends to add to their collection. The first words out of Hayley’s mouth when we received them  was, “Mommy, look I have Elmo on the drums… Cookie on the microphone.. And Ernie on the Strummin’- I have an entire band.” Little  almost four old old Hayley starting her own band out of Sesame Street characters! She was so excited and Zane was as well!


The Playskool Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie is  super cool Ernie with his shades on who rocks and strums his guitar. When your kids touch Ernie’s arm and it is moved up and down, he will play songs. He loves to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm. It is so awesome when both Zane and Hayley touch his arm and strum his guitar. They are amazed that Ernie will then sing to them. While Ernie is slightly smaller than Elmo, it is the ideal size for my 16 month old to handle and figure out.

Ernie also interacts with Let’s Rock Elmo if you have that on hand at your house. The Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie encourages fine motor skills, social and emotional development, sensory, and imagination. After Hayley strums Ernie’s guitar, she then pretends to strum her “air” guitar, and joins Ernie in the rendition of Old MacDonald.

The Playskool Let’s Rock Singin’ Cookie Monster is a household favorite. Both kids adore Cookie Monster so much that one of Zane’s first words was cookie.  With the Let’s Rock Singin’ Cookie, cookie comes to life and plays music in an unique way. Simply put the microphone in front of Cookie Monster’s mouth to hear him sing, If You’re Happy and You Know It”. The kids can then hold the mic there to amplify Cookie Monster’s voice like a real microphone. Once you move the microphone awe way from his Cookie’s mouth, he will then begin to sing softly.

I will tell you that you do need to have your kids move the microphone from the base of the arm. Hayley had absolutely no problems doing this but Zane had a little trouble getting the hang of it. With his sister’s assistance though, he had a blast playing with Singin’ Cookie Monster. He is slightly below the recommended age for this toy so with a few more months, he will probably get the hang of it just like his sister did! I love how Let’s Rock Cookie Monster also encourages learning, sensory, imagination, and most of all fun!

I highly suggest you check out these adorable Playskool Sesame Street products next time you are looking for a perfect gift for your children or friends children. They will absolutely love them- Promise! You can buy the PlaySkool Let’s Rock Strummin’ Ernie and Let’s Rock Singin’ Cookie Monster nationwide and online at for $19.99 each.




*I was provided with the above products for review purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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  1. says

    our kids arent’ too in to sesame street but they love stuff like this! I think anything that makes noise is good for kids but especially when it has to do with music!

  2. bre dale says

    I loved Sesame Street growing up, maybe I’ll get to share that with my own kids someday soon!