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My 1story:

I remember being a young child and having all the classic stories read to me. I also remember that most of the stories were not scary and did not leave me having nightmares. These days, though, these fairytales are being turned into stories that lead children to be afraid and scared. I know I do not want Hayley reading the original red riding hood at three years of age. A bad wolf eating grandma- I think not!  Thankfully, there is a new line of books called My 1story that  allows fairy tales to be recreated to avoid all the negative and scary connections to the original stories.

My 1story Fairy Tales books makes their debt at Amazon this month and introduces the classic characters in a new, exciting story twist. All the lovable, and never scary, illustrations are made by Jamie Rodriquez, a former Walt Disney Company character artist.  What My 1story fairy tales  creates is transformations of all the scary characters into lovable and appealing characters to children.

In the first book, Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie in I Love Cake, the big bad wolf, we all know, is transformed into an approachable wolf cub. Reading it and relating to the original, I like this version a 100 times better. It makes me sit there with Hayley and enjoy reading her all my books that I was read to as a child. However, the story is much sweeter and encourages children through way of positive words. It shares the similar story of the original but ends with happiness, learning the importance of sharing, and a big slice of cake!

Jack Beanstalks in Jack and the Magic Beans transforms Beanie, who is still a giant into a young, small and friendly one. I love reading this to Hayley because it just makes me sit back and smile with delight. It also in this tale tells the important lesson about both taking something without permission. It is truly a great feel book for you and your children!

These are just two of the book that were newly released from My 1story. They plan to greatly expand in their series and turn My1story into a complete children’s entertainment property with an extensive licensing, program, animation, and website to support its expansion. If your children love reading (and I sure hope they do), and want to learn important life lessons as well, make sure they check out these adorable fairy tales. They will be swept away to magical places!

Check out My1story Fairy Tales on their website and be prepared to be swept to magical places. You can also view their latest video, “Humpty’s Flying Adventure” below:

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*Thanks to the PR firm I work with in providing me books to review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Bonnye Sensenig says

    I love that they are positive stories i can share with my 2 year old and feel good about!

  2. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I like that there are games for kids on the site. Thanks for the giveaway

  3. Sherrie C. says

    Love the games, especially the Little Red Riding Hood matching game :)


  4. Liz Ticona says

    I love that they are not scary stories so it’s suitable for very young children too :) and i love the games too

  5. Rachael Giallongo says

    I love the positive message…. and the illustrations in the books look amazing!

  6. Missy L says

    My favorite feature is the game time, fun time sections in addition to the story time.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love books and my kids do too.

  7. Renee Richardson says

    My favorite feature is the games. I think the Humpty Flying game is too cute. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com