Melt Organic Spread!

I will admit- I am a huge butter fan! I can douse my bread with butter if my cholesterol wasn’t a problem. When my cholesterol neared 300, I had to downright quite butter and find some better substitutes. I am lucky to say that I finally found a butter substitute that I absolutely love and actually tastes even better than butter. By switching to my new substitute, my cholesterol is now 190! The new “butter” substitute is called Rich and Creamy Melt Organic.

Rich and Creamy Melt Organic is an organic buttery spread featuring virgin coconut oil. It is soy free and made with organic ingredients. It is also a gluten free butter, trans fat free, and made with no artificial colors or artificial flavors. The primary ingredients are organic virgin healthy coconut oil and flaxseed oil which is shown to promote healthy weight by boosting metabolisms. Get the name now- MELT! It really melts away the pounds!

I love the fact that it contains no hydrogenated oils. What I get from Melt, is a fabulous light spread butter alternative that not only is good for you, but tastes even better. I was slightly skeptical when I got Melt to review, as I really never heard of it before. When I tasted my first bite of my bread with Melt, I was in heaven. Melt is not only good- it is FANTASTIC!!! It is smooth and had a nice creamy taste. Honestly, I think I like it even better than butter! My husband who is still a butter fantastic, agreed- he though Melt tasted fantastic!

I use Melt now all the time as my butter substitute. It is 80 calories for 1 TBLS which is very reasonable. I even tried cooking with Melt and the recipes came out terrific. There is really nothing not to like about Melt. If you are looking for a great alternative to your unhealthy butter, look no further than Melt. I am now addicted and I am sure you will be too!

Check out Melt’s promise:

It is our promise to you that each food product we develop is based on the real deal when it comes to dietary fats and oils. We have lived through the “school of hard knocks” and uncovered the benefits of certain plant-based fats on reversing personal health conditions and improving the health of our families. With the almost deafening noise of misinformation about dietary fats and oils, we work closely with experts who specialize in lipids (fats) chemistry and are generating the latest scientific research. As a result, we deliver the highest quality food products with our promise of authentic deliciousness.


*Thanks to the PR firm for providing me products to review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. says

    This sounds great! We currently use Smart Balance but are always looking for great, healthy alternatives! If you have a moment could you let me know the fat grams for 1 tablespoon? Oh, and do you know what stores carry it?

  2. says

    Haven’t heard of this before but am willing to give it a try if I see it in my grocery store! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    I’ve never tried this before, in fact, never heard of it. There is some of the margarine like smart balance that we just don’t care for. I will definitely try this now that you’ve said how good it is. We like to try healthier things so thanks for the review on this.

  4. Cassie says

    im a huge coconut oil fan!! i’ll have to see if i can find this in our area :) i didnt know about any alternatives other than smart balance and earth balance

  5. Fiona N says

    If it helped you to control your cholesterol (down from 300 to 190), I should recommend it to my sister soon:-) Hopefully we can find it in our local stores!
    Thank You for sharing!

  6. sheri grennille says

    i keep reading about coconut oil and the benefits of it, here is yet another product featuring it. thanks for the information!