Making Over My Man with some MaLo Underwear #MaLoUnderwear #Cbias

Okay let me preface this post by saying I adore and love my husband. We have been married 7 wonderful years but if there is one thing that I can change it is his dressing style. I am not going to say that he doesn’t have style because he does, but he gets lazy with going shopping. Hence, if it were up to him, a few years would pass without him hitting up the local mall or clothes store.

His whole motto is if it fits and is comfortable, there is no need to update to the newest styles. I am going to give you a case in point. This is his one swimsuit from 2008- yes 2008!

Not that it is a bad bathing suit but he has had it years and it is getting old! I am talking holes are beginning to form in the swim trunks. Thankfully, I just went out this past weekend and went on a shopping spree for him. Now, isn’t this bathing suit much better?

I was so excited to come home and purge his old clothing of stuff that is stained, old, and overall non-fashionable! Along the way, I made sure to get permission for the clothes that I ended up throwing away (trust me when I say some were not even in donating mode). I then revamped his closet with new pants, shirts, and even UNDERWEAR!

Yes, you heard me right-underwear! My husband is so lazy when it comes to buying new underwear that I end up resorting to buying it myself. I felt in order to do a complete “makeover intervention” I needed to incorporate new underwear. I was so excited to try out the new MaLo underwear designed by Mario Lopez. Okay, I might admit that when I saw the name Mario Lopez- I might have let out a small scream. Oh yes, I was the girl who had the Mario Lopez “Save By The Bell” poster hanging in my room when I was a girl. I will also not admit to my readers that I plan to see him in my local mall next week when he is coming to Rhode Island. Shhh.. Don’t tell my husband!  However, when it comes down to it, finding underwear, no matter the brand, the underwear has to be comfortable. It has to  provide “room to breathe” according to my husband.

When we got home, I made him try on the MaLo underwear. He was skeptical at first because he is a boxer guy all the way! However, after a little encouragement from his fabulous wife, he agreed to try it on. Guess what- HE LOVED it! The MaLo Underwear boxer brief is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The pair I received had one MaLo underwear in orange and another in white. I had him put on both and let me know his thoughts.

He thought the MaLo Underwear allowed him to be super comfortable all day long. It had the perfect fit, style, and cut.  After all, the wardrobe starts with underwear as he stated himself. He also stated that underwear is stylish- coming from him that is saying a lot! I have to agree- the MaLo Underwear is very manly and hip with the times. Kudos to Mario Lopez for coming up with a unique, fun, affordable, and fashionable underwear line for men.

You can find #MaLoUnderwear at your local target. It retails for $12.99 for a pair of underwear. What a great deal for comfortable and fashionable underwear!  The style..the fit… the comfort- It truly is a great pair of men’s underwear! You can follow MaLo Underwear on Facebook and on Twitter to learn about these great products.




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  1. says

    Thanks for the info! Maybe I’ll purchase some for hubby’s stocking this year! I’m in the Christmas Shopping mood!

  2. Jenna Wood says

    My other half was a boxer guy too…until I showed him the glorious world of designer men’s underwear, hahaha!

  3. says

    That swimsuit is much nicer. And yes those underwear do look comfortable. I think my husband would like them. He is a boxer brief kind of man. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Men are all about comfort and I’m glad to know that I can now find some stylish underwear for him, ditch the tightie whities and we will both be happy! Thanks for the review

  5. says

    I like that new bathing suit! You can’t go wrong with solid black for a swimsuit.

    I like the MaLo undies, but I think my husband would have a gripe about the big logo on the leg. Not that anyone would see it, but I think it would bug him. They look comfortable though, so he might be willing to overlook it (or maybe there are pairs without it).