Learning to Golf!

I said this for the last couple of years that I was going to learn to golf. Most of you know that I am a tennis player but in the summer, I usually give tennis a rest, as it is too hot outside. My husband, who loves to golf, suggested I take lessons. I was apprehensive when he said this, but decided that it would be a great addition to my life.

My husband and I joined a local country club that is on a 18 hole golf course. Since membership for golf is extremely expensive, we decided to join the social part (less expensive), where we would still get to each play one round of golf a month, and have access to the putting range.  My husband and I have begun to go together to practice our swings, and I have to admit, I am loving it! Golf feels so natural and free! I love the idea of hitting the ball and getting excited where the ball is going to land. Sure, I have hit in trees, but that is part of the learning curve, or so they tell me!

My inlaws always mention to us that we should keep playing and then maybe one day, we can go with them on one of their golf excursions. At least twice a year, my inlaws pack themselves up to go on a  one week golfing trip. They go all over with the most recent trip being to the Dominican Republic to play golf. The next year they are thinking of going to Africa. They have never been and they heard the golfing there is simply amazing. They are also so excited to go on a local safari.  They have been researching several travel agencies and one that particularly struck them as extremely reputable is golf holidays with mahlatini.com. I am sure wherever they choose to go next, whether Africa, another country, or within the US- they will have a great time!

I plan to play a lot of golf this season. I can’t wait to get better so I can play with some of my friends who have been playing for years. I can’t wait to go on my first golfing vacation. I can’t wait till I can call myself an official golfer!  Till then Happy Golfing!!




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  1. says

    My husband and in-laws all golf so they bought me a set of clubs and all the accessories one year for my birthday. I took golf lessons for a week with a friend and we decided we liked socializing better than we liked playing. Sold the clubs in a garage sale. Maybe someday I’ll try the sport again.

  2. says

    I just started learning to golf with my hubs as well and am totally loving it!!! Its so nice to be outside…minus the crazy heat….and playing a game that isnt super intense!!

  3. maria says

    Good Luck and have fun this summer golfing!! I have always been horrible @ it. You should see me at the driving range. I hit every one in 80 balls. Hahahaha!

  4. says

    I’m crazy about golfing. I started when I was young. I would be out there every week if my health would allow it. Every day I look at my clubs and day dream. Heck won’t lie I often pick them up and swing them missing be out there. ENJOY IT!!!