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Education is so truly important to me! While I encourage my children to play, I try to make them play with educational toys that would benefit them in the learning process. One of my most favorite stores that I frequent is Lakeshore Learning. This is the store where I buy all my kids their toys, as well as any birthday presents I need because their toys promote healthy learning.  While I did know all about the store Lakeshore Learning, I had no idea that they had all their wonderful products that they sell in their stores online for people to purchase as well.

Lakeshore Learning is dedicated to providing innovative products that promote young imaginations with a sense of love and nurture to support a lifelong love of learning. They specialize in early educational programs, as well as providing supplies for home and schools across the country. What I love about Lakeshore Learning, is the products you will find, will allow your children to have fun, but readily allow them to learn simultaneously.

At Lakeshore Learning, you will find products and toys from the infant stage right through the 6th grade. They also have geared products towards teachers to help them implement their lesson plans in the school year. While I currently go online or in the store to look at their preschool selections, I definitely have bought many products from their older age selections that were fabulous! Their divisibility of products to promote fun and education is astonishing.

I had the opportunity to review the Phoemic Awareness Plinko Game from Lakeshore Learning. This plinko game helps build phonemic awareness by allowing your kids to participate in their own little game show. The Plinko Awareness Game reminded me of the Plinko Game in the Price is Right but smaller and much more fun!  The free-standing game board comes with a plethora of game chips and is quite easy to play.

 Lakeshore Learning kids toys Review Giveaway!


To get started, simply have your child take one of the Plinko chips and drip it down the Plinko board. All the chips have pictures of various places, animals, activities, etc. Once they drop it down, it will fall into three categories- Say the beginning sound, say a rhyming word, and say the ending sound. Hayley absolutely loves playing this game over and over and practicing on all her sound skills that she has been beginning to master. She also loves rhyming words although some of her words are made up- we are working on that! It truly is a wonderful product to help instill the love of education into your children. Trust me when I say, Hayley has no idea that she is learning when she is playing it. That is the best part- hidden education into one awesome learning toy!

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Buy it: You can buy Phoemic Awareness Plinko Game (ARV:$50) or many other fine educational products at Lakeshore Learning. 

Win it: One winner will receive a $25 e-Gift Card to LakeShore Learning to use any way you would like. They have some awesome toys, and some that are relatively inexpensive, so this will come a long way. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click continue reading to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me which is your favorite toy from here: Lakeshore Learning. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest you fill them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!

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*Thank you to Lakeshore Learning for supplying me products to review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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