I love Yoplait Trix Kids Yogurt for my children!


It is a fact of life with two small kids under the age of 4, I am constantly battling them on their food choices. If it was up to them, they would be eating cookies all day long. However, both my husband and I are firm believers in making healthy food choices and try our best to incorporate snacks that are good for them, free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. That is why we were so excited when we found out that Yoplait now has a new line  called Yoplait Trix Low-Fat Yogurt!

When I first heard about the Yoplait Trix Line, I jumped at the chance of buy several containers of them. I remember Hayley seeing the yogurt in the supermarket and exclaiming, “Mommy, you need to buy this yogurt-it has a rabbit on it!” Seeing Hayley so excited, I ended up buying the Yoplait Trix yogurt in all the flavors- cotton candy, raspberry rainbow, strawberry banana bash, strawberry punch, and triple cherry! I remember going home with bags of the Yoplait Trix yogurt and my husband commenting that he hopes the kids like it for the amount of yogurt I bought!


Once we got home, I let Hayley and Zane each have their own Yoplait Trix yogurt- they both started with the Triple Cherry. Hayley exclaimed, “Mommy, this is the best yogurt ever” and Zane had a huge grin on his face which led me to believe he liked it. When both kids were done, Hayley shouted more and Zane signed more. They LOVED it! I have to admit, I even had a bite and it was pure deliciousness in each scoop I had. They have since tried all the flavors and am happy to report that the Yoplait Trix Line is by far their favorite yogurt choice.

Okay, while this is all good and well that the kids loved it, I am much more concerned, as I mentioned above, about the kids eating healthy. Well guess what, the Yoplait Trix Kids Yogurt is GREAT for your kids to have!  When reading the labels, you will see there is no artificial colors, favors, or sweeteners. Yoplait recently reformulated their Trix lines by eliminating all those ingredients that moms consider junk, including high fructose sugar and artificial flavors. Instead of using all the “junk” ingredients, the Yoplait Trix Low Fat Yogurt Line now contains healthy ingredients such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Beta Carotene.  Don’t worry because the new Yoplait Trix Line is still loaded with calcium necessary for little bodies growth.

The kids love the taste and flavor of the Yoplait Trix Line and Mommy loves that the colors are from natural sources rather than the high fructose corn syrups that are used in many other yogurt lines. I have been adding a container of the yogurt to the lunch each day and this is one food that they actually eat without giving me a hard time.  I can’t rave enough about the Yoplait Trix Yogurts  being a fantastic meal/snack choice for your children that will help support the healthy lifestyles we hope our children grow up with. Next time you are in the supermarket, check out Yoplait Trix Line. You can thank me later! Happy Healthy Eating!


“Trix are for kids” but unwanted additives definitely are not. That’s why Yoplait® Trix® Yogurt comes in silly, swirly flavors kids love, without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. It’s still the same bright, fun, colorful snack, only better. You’ll love that they love it!



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    My son loves this stuff, but we reserve it for a special treat because of all the artificial dyes in it. He would just as soon eat it as pudding though!

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    We’ve never tried Trix yogurt. I like that it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or colors. I’m definitely going to pick them up for my dd.

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    Yum for sure. We just did this for Tend too. We were use fans beforehand so I’m glad we got the chance to tell the blog world. We always have some of this on hand in our fridge, it’s so good and a great source of vitamin D. Great pics, your kids are so cute.