Golfing in the Summer

A few weeks ago I wrote all about deciding if I should start taking golf lessons. I was undecided if I wanted to start this year but with being egged on by my husband to do it, I called up the golf pro and lessons have been scheduled. I start my next lesson the week after next and I could not be more excited! My husband and I are going to do it together although he is much better than me. We did a little practice run this past weekend by going up to the driving range and hitting on the green. It was so much fun! Surprisingly I did much better than I thought I would do. I actually hit the ball almost every time. While it is slightly unnatural to start, once you have the correct grip on the club, it begins to become easier.

To prepare for my golfing lessons, I also bought a pair of inexpensive clubs as well as some darlin’ new golf outfits. A girl can never be too prepared with clothes-right? Now the next step is just waiting till it is my turn to get on the green with the pro. In the meantime, we have been watching golf on television and visualizing about going away on a golf vacation one day. I know my inlaws go away on golfing trips all the time, so I thought it would be fun to start checking out some golf vacations that might be fun to do in the future.

When doing my research, I stumbled on a site called I was on this site for almost an hour because it just got me so excited in anticipation for my future golf vacations. I was able to search for golf vacations resorts abroad that I would never have dreamed about. It gave me all the various golf tours that are going on throughout the year. It was also quite easy to use- simply search the country, region, and time of travel, and it will give you the best deals on some of the most fantastic golf holidays. I am hoping one day I can use them to actually go to the Ryder Cup, Masters, or US Open. A girl can dream!!



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