Gigi Hill Bag Review

I absolutely love handbags. Don’t ask me how many I own because I am too embarrassed to admit the numbers to my readers. Being a handbag addict, when I receive a request to review a new handbag line, I of course, will oblige! The new handbag line is called Gigi Hill Bags and they are fantastic!

Gigi Hill started out from two moms who were on the soccer field one day and talked how there was no great bags for a mom’s everyday life. From their conversations, Gabrielle and Monica, came together and invented Gigi Hill Bags. These bags are adorable and made of the highest-quality materials. They are also extremely fashionable, but better yet, functional!

Each bag has a pocket of everything a mom needs from water bottles to cell phone to lipsticks. They even have a key area to assure you can find your keys when you are in a rush. No more struggling to find your keys when you have kids also trying to have your attention at the same time. Their line is super modern and chic!

At Gigi Bags, you will find small handbags , wristlets, medium handbags, large totes, garment bags, makeup cases, grocery totes, and specific collections including the JM Porter Collection, the Gia and Dani Collection, and the Beach Collection. When I went shopping on the site, I can’t believe how many adorable bags I found. Each one was cuter the next. The patterns are so fun and flirty! If you are mom, you can easily use one of these bags as your diaper bag, since they are large enough, and most certainly organized to suite a diaper bag.

I had the chance to review the Natalie from the Gigi Hill Collection. This bag is awesome! I am a huge print girl so of course, I was drawn into this bag.

I usually wear this bag by holding it by the cute straps, but I can also wear it using the hands-free shoulder straps. Although I decided to get it with in the leopard print, they have so many gorgeous colors readily available for this bag.  This bag I generally use when I go out at night, but I can easily wear it during the daytime, if I choose! It is a great bag! I love the pockets and the tremendous amount of space I have. Although it doesn’t look like a huge bag, I can assure you the amount of space inside is tremendous! It also retails for $92.00 which is extremely reasonable for an everyday bag.

I highly suggest you check Gigi Hill Bags for all your handbag needs! They also offer stylist opportunities to become a party host in your local area. Wouldn’t it be great to work for them and to receive major discounts on these adorable bags!



*Thanks to Gigi Hill Bags for providing me with a handbag for review purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. says

    This is the first time I have heard of Gigi Hill handbags. I will have to check out their site. I love handbags too. I just got rid of some since we are doing a garage sale this month, so I need to replace them :)

  2. amy v says

    what a cute purse!! I’ve never heard of the brand before but i’d love to see what they offer!

  3. says

    super cute purse! i love its shape and i always love anything with animal print! you’ll look great carrying it! :)