#WordlessWednesday: Embracing the fashion!

I saw this look in Vogue where one fingernail was painted with a glitter color and the other ones were bright pink. I sort of like it and I know I got stopped several times with these nails. What do you think? Don’t worry- I won’t be offended if you totally hate it!

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  1. says

    Torn, it reminds me way too much of my niece who passed away a year and a half ago. Just before she passed away, she got a play nail set…she had to have her fingers painted; pink, purple, pink, purple…all the way across all 10 fingers.

    So now, every year around her birthday and anniversary of losing her, my sisters and I all paint our nails for her just like she had to have. So….whenever I see nails mismatched…I think of her.

    Sorry to have a sad memory……I’ll be happier next time, Promise.

  2. maria says

    AHHH, i love it!! i might have to try this :)
    i always love your nails and all the fun and unique colors you choose. i seriously could go buy 5 polishes a week.
    i hope you and your loves are having a nice night. <3

  3. says

    I do not wear any make up so I am totally out of the loop when it comes to different styles and such, but it is sort of interesting.

  4. says

    I think it’s cute…but I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I’m so weird with my nails…I only get them painted w/a french manicure. I’m so afraid I’m going to have pink nails and want to wear red (yes I’m weird). I don’t really do anything to my nails right now, I have been thinking about getting fake nails put on. It just makes me feel more feminine! ; )

  5. says

    I like it, although I probably wouldn’t go that bright with the pink. I think I could do pale pink with one glittery nail though!

  6. says

    I might have to try that at my next manicure! I am treating myself since I am a nail biter and have decided to stop. I had acrylic nails put on and get them filled every two weeks.

  7. says

    I actually like it. Love the unique style, I can so picture my daughter wanting me to do this to her nails. She always picks out a pattern. I don’t paint my finger nails but would try this on my toe nails that I paint all summer long!