Wee Drool Bib Review!

I was completely pumped when Wee Drool Bibs contacted me to do a review of their bibs. Every outfit we put on Zane, even with a bib, gets ruined! It really stinks when you buy a new outfit, only to have the bib fail, and have to end up throwing out the outfit away. I am sure, you all, completely hear what I am saying.

Thankfully Wee Drool T-bibs came to my rescue. They are wearable waterproof bibs that are designed to protect little one’s clothing from dribble, drool, spit up, and spills in an ultra chic green way. Their unique three layered T-shirt design will ease your mind of the worries that a normal bib poses while leaving your little one smiling in comfort. You can see below how the bib is designed for style and function.

When we first received the bib, I was unsure how it would work because it looked big for a bib. Then I realized that it would basically cover his upper half, so it would ensure that his tops don’t get dirty. Guess what- it truly works! Also, this has to be the softest bib I have ever received. It is made of a bamboo organic cotton that makes ┬áme want to keep the bib on him all day long. I just love how it feels! It is also thick with an waterproof inner layer so truly, nothing can get past it. Of course, the bib itself will get dirty but hey, that is what washing machines are for. Once you throw it in the washing machine, it feels and looks brand new! The combination of the armholes and the three way snaps, makes putting on, and taking off the bib, extremely easy! I LOVE this bib!

You should definitely check out this bib if you have little ones on Wee Drool bib. For $28, it really is a steal and a worthwhile investment.




*Thanks to the PR firm for supplying me a Wee-Drool Bib. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Char W says

    This is an awesome idea! When my youngest really needed a bib I had one of those that looked like a handtowel with a head hole and it was great for providing more coverage :) I love that it’s got the snaps making it harder for baby to just pull it off AND easy to get it on and more importantly, take it off especially when messy.