Shopping for a new car

I am beyond excited because in another month or two, I will be buying a new car! The thought of buying a new car has me doing cartwheels, but it also makes me nervous. My husband and I have visited many car dealers over the last few weeks to try to decide what kind of car we want. We presently have a BMW X5 (on lease) which I absolutely love but it is not big enough with two kids. I really need extra space in the car, and would love to incorporate third row seating option in our new car. My husband thinks I am crazy for not wanting to continue to lease our BMW but I just don’t feel that car is a right fit for us presently.

I did a few test drives this weekend of several models of big SUV brands including Honda, Jeep, Mercedes, and Cadillac. I have no idea what I really want with a car, the only thing I do know, is I want to buy a car this time. Leasing was fine for our limited needs prior to kids, but now we do a lot of traveling and are always way above our allotted miles. At the end of the lease, we pay a small fortune for all the extended miles. Since my parents live about 5 hours away by car, we need to do this trip several times a year. I don’t want to sit on edge every time we go thinking are we going to be above our mileage. My husband and I both agree that buying a car would be more beneficial to our current lifestyle. While we do agree on this, he does not believe I need a bigger car. He thinks while having a third row is nice; he doesn’t think it is a necessity. I am trying to convince him how nice it would be with a bigger car but he does not agree. He also is trying to talk me out of it because of the astronomical gas bills these days. I guess we will have to see!

The one thing we do agree on is we need sell my husband’s old car. We have three cars, one that just sits there. While it is a good car, we really have no need to have it sitting on our driveway anymore. We could use this money to invest in our new car. I recently found out about a site called Auto Trader that can make selling my husband’s car a breeze. I hear all the time, sell your car with Auto Trader, so I figured it is time to start looking into doing just that. ┬áSo, this weekend, I am going to do just that- try to sell our third car and continue dealership shopping. Wish me luck!



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  1. says

    I hate car shopping. We recently had to buy a car for my husband because his car got trashed in an accident. Wish you the best with your car search. Definitely do your homework in advance and do not be pressured by the salesmen. :)

  2. says

    I have a BMW X5 now too! I have an 06, with no 3rd row seating. I think the new ones have a 3rd row? I LOVE my X5. I feel like I sit in a box of steel when I drive it lol. Good luck with the car shopping!

  3. sheri grennille says

    we will never buy “new” again – my husband just got a four year old, low miles, jeep and it is new to us, exactly what he wanted and i’ll have it paid off in a year.

  4. says

    Good luck with your car shopping!

    We decided to upgrade from our Kia to a bigger car when #2 was born so Hubby, being the way he is did all sorts of research on fuel efficiency and all that and he, like your husband didn’t think we needed a bigger car. I had my heart set on a GMC Acadia since I first saw them and once I convinced him to drive it, he was sold. We LOVE the way it drives/rides, it gets okay gas mileage and the space is amazing with the fold down 3rd row. We got lucky and scored a 6 month old lease return with barely any miles, so we basically got a brand new car for a steal.

    Again good luck and check out the Acadia.

  5. says

    Good luck! I got rid of my beloved Cadillac CTS for a new Ford Edge and I luurve it. However, already setting my sights on a bigger vehicle in a couple more years as the kiddos grow. I am already jealous of the new car smell. Wears off entirely too fast.

  6. says

    Good luck with all that! I own my car and didn’t know that when you lease they have those stipulations. So thanks for the information. Hope all is well with you! Good luck again and let us know what you decide because our next car purchase is going to have to have enough room for my growing family too. :)