Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our Blog Hop!

Welcome to the weekend! This weekend we have a lot going on because I am working tomorrow and then have to prepare for our annual Forth of July party which will be this Sunday. I am excited:)


As always, come link up any funny, cute, or top five laugh. I sometimes get asked if this needs to be about kids, and the answer is no! As long as it is funny or cute, feel free to link it up! Please also check out some of the other great blogs who link up, if you want a good laugh! Feel free to share your posts on fb, twitter, or any other social media sites. Happy Saturday!

Top Five:

5. We went to the carnival last night and Hayley absolutely loved the rides. She has been going on rides since she was a year old so she is an old pro. I told her it was time to leave (at around 9 pm- and we had a hour ride home).  She kept saying one more time-one more time! That turned into another hour! The girl loves her fun!

4. Zane’s hair officially looks like a mop. It is so stinkin cute. I have cut it before, at least 5 times, but I will not cut it again for awhile.  I love it long and he just looks adorable with it.

3. Zane started saying the word ball this week. The only problem is the five words he knows- ball, juice, hi, nose, and this- he interchanges them for each other. It is actually quite funny. He will ask for more juice and say more nose. LOL!

2.  Zane is so chubby but he is also short! I have to put on 2T for him. The waist fits him perfectly but the length makes it looks like he is wearing pants! I wonder if they make petite sizes for babies,lol

1. Hayley is such a daddy’s girl! I sometimes get upset that she calls out for her daddy for everything and wants to see him all the time. However, I then also  think, that she is also calling out for him at 2AM to go the bathroom.  He can have all the love!

Now your laughs:

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  1. says

    #3 is soooo funny! I can’t wait until my little girl starts talking and doing hilarious stuff like that. Right now, it’s only my dog who interchanges words. Well, obviously, he doesn’t talk, but he understands the words “yard, park, and car”. Every time we say any of those words, he gets all excited. The problem is, since they all rhyme, I don’t know whether he thinks we’re going to the yard, the park, or on a car ride, because there’s no way he can differentiate between any of those words….In honour of Canada, I have a Canada-themed post this week. Also, Happy Fourth of July! :)

  2. says

    awww, hahaha, it is so cute that zane says “more nose” sometimes. i LOVE his hair and i agree with you with loving the length. i see the photos you post on fb sometimes and always think, “ahh, i love his hair!”
    it sounds like hayley had a fabulous time at the carnival!! i hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful weekend and picnic! this weather is insane…stay cool and crank the AC! :)
    have a great night, melissa!
    sending tons of love

  3. says

    Yea, G calls out for her daddy all the time too. :( Petite clothes for babies…good plan! Start your own brand! You can do everything! Enjoy your party! Wish we could make it.

  4. says

    I really think I need to meet Miss Hayley someday, every week I crack up at her. What a riot you must have! That’s so sweet that she’s a daddy’s girl, those are precious memories :) I think Zane has great hair too!! Those first words are so fun, no one but Ryan and I can really figure out what Natalie is saying most of the time anyway :) Have a great party my friend!

  5. says

    Hayley just sounds too stinking cute. And Zane! His hair sounds exactly like what LB’s looks like right now. We haven’t gotten a hair cut though. Trying to do that sometime this week. I fear I might cry!

  6. says

    I like the interchanging word thing…so cute!

    linc was always huge in the waist and short…we had the same problem…then he grew a little and now he can wear certain brands that are 6-8 months and he is 2 and his shirts are always 24 months and up nowadays so funny how they grow!

  7. courtney b says

    LOL i love his vocabulary.. “ball” so far my baby only knows “mama” which is a good thing but i cant wait to see what crazy words she starts to come out with..

    and i love the email you sent me about how i’m a loyal reader. I am ALWAYS going to be a loyal reader.. it meant a lot. Thanks!

    • Melissa says

      I meant every word! Not only are you a faithful giveaway enter, you actually enjoy and read all my personal posts as well- which means even more to me!

  8. Melissa says

    Thanks everyone! i can’t wait to read all your posts and comment on them all! Yah!!

  9. says

    Ha Ha, great laughs!! Just one more time and yes I’d be glad she asks for Daddy at 2am!! Zane is soo cute with his mop!! Gotta love when they start learning more and more words!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Jordan Lardner says

    My son went through a daddy stage, but now he is in the mommy stage and I wish he would say daddy………..he calls everybody mommy these days! Great laughs!