Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our Blog Hop!

Well, it has not been the greatest week here. You can read my #1 laugh- ironic that I put it in a laugh- but I am thankful that I am heeling and can laugh about it.


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Now for my top five laughs:

5. Zane first word was juice. When we were away in Hawaii, the babysitter started him on some juice and now he is addicted. He will throw the milk at me, throw the water at me- he will only take juice. I dilute it so much that is basically water with a tablespoon of  juice but he sure loves it.

4. Hayley is fully potty trained at night. One very early morning this week- think 3 am- Hayley screams from her bed, “Mommy, my pee-pees are coming out-Hurry!” Needless to say, I woke up very quickly.

3. My husband got a very prestigious award this week- I will post more about that later on this month. When we told Hayley, her response was, ” Daddy- Congratulations”. It was so cute!

2. Zane is now saying the word “more”. He will first sign it and when I am not giving in, he keeps saying, “More…More…More…” After hearing it so many times, I need to give in. Love that boy!

1. On Wednesday, I was going to get the mail. All of a sudden, I got bit by something. Luckily my girlfriend Kristen from Mamaluvsbooks was there and tried to calm me down. I lost complete sensation from my hand to the top of my shoulder. When she went to look, there was a very big (and perhaps black) spider. I instantly thought I was going to die because I got bit by a black widow spider. I called 9-1-1 and they came. They collected the spider and were about to transport me to the hospital. During this time, I was also having a full blown panic attack. When the ENT went to check the mailbox, he saw a wasp’s nest hidden. He came back and told me there was no need to go back to the hospital and it was not a spider- it was a wasp bite. I was mortified that I called 9-1-1 for a wasp bite. Good thing I did though, because today I ended up back up at the doctor, and put on a strong antibiotic because my hand is three times the size. How is that for a story!

Now your laughs:


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  1. says

    Looking forward to some more laughs this weekend! ps. your #4 about “pee pee” made me laugh out loud! Hahah. Still laughing!

  2. says

    My youngest used to say something similar when he was about to have an accident. It’s so cute that it’s hard to be upset about the pee puddle.

    That bite is crazy! Always better to be safe than sorry!!

  3. says

    Your spider/wasp story is scary and I don’t blame you for panicking. The first thing I think of is death when I see a spider, dramatic I know but we have what are called Funnel Web and Redback spiders over here which are fatal in children so it scares the crap outta me!! So glad you are ok albiet in a bit of pain/numbness! Thank goodness you had your friend with you :)
    Funny post, cute kiddos, I just adore Hayley and Zane so so much!! xo

  4. says

    OMG! I would have had a panic attack too! You poor thing! Hope you feel better soon! The laughs this week are adorable, I love how Haley congratulated G. Try and rest up this weekend!

  5. says

    Yikes, I’d have freaked out, too! I hope you’re feeling better!

    If any of this helps: My husband has our baby addicted to Gatorade, despite me cutting him the evil side eye. After my older dtr was potty trained she woke me in the middle of the night with, “Mommy, my poops is broken” – NOT GOOD. I also realized this week that my baby’s been signing “more” for weeks now, I just didn’t recognize it because she doesn’t do it exactly the way I do – I responded to her “mores” and she ate like a pig last night, soooo I’ve probably been starving her for months. TA DAAAAA! Mother of the Year, right here.

  6. says

    Oh melissa!! I understand your pain about your toddler addicted to Juice! We went thought he same with with Jade! She Will ONLY drink juice, no water unless it is out of Mommy’s water bottler or her brother’s…and only when she thinks we want it. She’s a little stinker that way.

    BUT; I found (if you’re not anti soy) SIlk’s new Fruit and Protein drinks are AWESOME for kids like that! It has enough fruit flavor and juice to please the kid, but still offers them the calcium and protein I’d want my kid to get from milk. So we’re both happy. Jade now drinks IT by the cupful and doesn’t ask for juice any more. :)

    I don’t have specific “saturday funny” posts anymore, but I did link up the funny video post of Jade eating veggies…uhm…yeah, think “Christmas Story” lol. But hey. at least she’s eating them! lol

  7. says

    oh, and I had no idea you and Kristen lived so close! that is awesome!! Sorry about the bite/sting. :( I hate those, although i don’t swell up like you do, they are nasty and each one has left horrible scars for me.

  8. says

    Very scary! I would have had a panic attack too.

    Hayls is so cute. How sweet she is to say congrats.

    I would give in too if that adorable face said more to me too!

  9. says

    It doesn’t take them long to learn that juice tases good! My little one will scream when she sees her brother with a juice box and doesn’t have one of her own. Love the more sign/word combination, they are persistant little things aren’t they!?!?

  10. says

    Awww what a SCARY thing to have happen..I’m sorry you got stung but glad it was not black widow..or that you are majorly allergic to bees..although is sounds like you may have had quite a reaction! Maybe you should get tested about that :( Glad you are feeling better :) Hope I can make you chuckle a little :)

  11. says

    Oh,no!! You lost sensation in your arm from a wasp bite? That is so scary. I would’ve called 911, too. Love your Saturday funny link-up! Thanks for letting me know about it. I put my bachelorette post at #21. :)

  12. says

    Wolf Prince learned to sign more quickly, but then he decided screaming “Ehh!” and pointing is more effective. We are working on stopping that. He can say “mo” but just chooses not to.

  13. Carissa says

    Ooh, the “I have to go pee” scream will wake me every time!! Great laughs, glad you’re getting better!

  14. maria says

    ohmygosh, melissa!! i’m so so sorry about the wasp bite…that is so scary. i’m glad you called 911 to be on the safe side. so sorry you ended up having to go back to the hospital.
    i hope the antibiotics are helping and you’re feeling much better!
    sending love and prayers your way!!

    thinking of you always <3