Race Across America with FedEx SenseAware

As I am currently gearing up to train for my mini-triatholon, I like to check out all the wonderful races that are going on throughout the summer, as they give me motivation to achieve my goal of completing my first mini-triathalon. When I found out about the Ohio CycleWorks bike team race, which is being sponsored by FedEx, I was participating in the Race Across America. I was very intrigued. I knew from my fellow cyclists that this was the “World’s Toughest Bicycle Race” and was one of the longest running sporting events in the world.  I am disappointed that I have not followed this race before, as it is truly a remarkable, and probably the most challenging race I have ever heard about!

The Ohio CycleWorks bike team, led by their team leader Scott Garchar, is riding in a 3,000 mile journey that kicked off in Oceanside, California on June 16 and ends in Annapolis, Maryland between June 21-25. You can track their journey along with some commentary from Scott on their FedEx SenseAware blog page.  The team will be raising money for the Akron Children’s Hospital. While this is an amazing feat by itself, especially in the scorching temperatures.  They will be equipped with a special SenseAware device that will be tracking their real time GPS locations and environmental conditions along the way.

I had the privilege of personally tracking their race using the amazing SenseAware device. I was able to every day log on and track their current GPS location, current temperature, exposure to light, barometric temperature, humidity, and  several other factors by way of the SenseAware device they are wearing.

The SenseAware devices are very important for many packages that rely on being delivered and monitored regardless of what the weather conditions are outside. SenseAware is a first of its kind service that provides near real-time access to shipments’ vital statistics and that ability to collaborate and share that information with business partners worldwide. The service integrates an advanced multi-sensor application enabling one to stay connected when contents are crucial. Just as I am using the Ohio CycleWorks bike team to track the current location, temperature, exposure to light, humidity, and barometric pressure, businesses will now be able to do the same with their packages they are sending using the SenseAware technology implemented by FedEx. A company will be able to track the visibility of their products and will be alerted of the product conditions of the packages they have sent, along with sending alerts when the contents of the package go off course. It will also allow businesses to operate as efficiently as possible and get their packages off to the right location despite any possible barriers.

Being a healthcare provider, I rely on certain medicines being delivered even in the unbearable weather that we are currently having. I need those medicines to not be spoiled by the heat, which would then in turn make me throw away a useful shipment. Using the SenseAware technology, I am able to monitor important critical shipments that must get to my office to be delivered to the patients I see. I can also benefit from the added level of visibility and monitoring that these SenseAware devices allow. The SenseAware device is valuable for companies who ship high-value and highly sensitive time-critical products and want peace of mind that their products will arrive safely. They will take care of special handling, secure transporation, and make sure your packages arrive with temperature-control as well. I definitely plan to bring up the SenseAware device to my supervisor as this is a truly fantastic service that is much needed.

Come support Scott and the Ohio CycleWorks. They are cycling these past few days in 100+ temperatures and would love for you to check out their journey. It is truly amazing!





*I received compensation from FedEx for covering the use of SenseAware® technology during the 2012 Race Across America. My ideas and opinions relayed in this blog post and any related Twitter discussions are the my own and are not provided by FedEx or its affiliates and subsidiaries

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  1. Sabrina Radke says

    I have been following the race since day one! This is such great technology! Super cool!

  2. says

    I so did not know about this but it’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to do a triathalon but am too out of shape – LOL! Now I can live vicariously! Thanks!

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of this, but it’s pretty cool! I imagine it’s super important for items that may be sensitive to temperature or pressure changes. And I can tell you from a serving-a-client-who-needs-something-yesterday position that that kind of technology would be REALLY helpful to have to-the-minute info for some orders! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. says

    I think the SenseAware device is a great invention! Businesses need to be able to track their shipments in the best way possible and this will make it so much easier to know exactly where their packages are! Plus, it’s cool that you can track this bike team with it.

  5. says

    I’ve never heard of this but it’s awesome, espeically for people like you and in your line of work. I would imagine it takes some of the worry away :)

  6. says

    That’s a really long bike ride! I am excited for this new technology. It will be great to see real time movement and conditions of packages, and I imagine this will lead to much less lost items.