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Summer is upon us…Can you feel it in the air? Whenever I feel the fresh air and warming temperatures, I have the urge to do a summer makeover. My first stop is going out and buying fabulous summer clothes and accessories. After this is done, I like to do a complete summer makeover and incorporate some of my favorite products from everyone’s favorite drugstore, Walgreens. I find ┬áthat Walgreens can assist me in making my summer look fresh while being simply affordable.

The first step to make me summer ready is to get my tan on. Now, I am deathly afraid of going into tanning saloons (the UV radiation scares me immensely), so I need an alternative to get a nice glistened tan. With having blond hair, a tan always looks better on me than my ghostly appearance in the winter. My go to for getting my skin tan-ready is to purchase the Jergens Natural Glow at Walgreens. I love Jergens because you do not go from ghostly to uber-tan in 5 seconds. Rather, Jergens gradually adds a nice tan without causing you to look orange. Also, when I use Jergens, I am not streaky like other tanning products I have used in the past. It is simply the best for those looking to bronze their skin for the summer without having to expose our precious bodies to all the harmful UV rays.

Now after I get my skin looking nice and bronzed, I really don’t like to apply too much makeup. I am not a huge makeup girl anyway, but in the summer with it being hot and sticky, I like to wear the bare minimum. Most of the times, I generally like to stick to a good mascara and a very simple lip gloss. For me, adding mascara is really all I need to brighten my eyes. While I am not a huge eyeliner fan, you can definitely pull off beautiful eyes with some great mascaras. My go to for a really good waterproof (it is the summer after all) mascara is Maybelline Volum’ Express The Classic Mascara. For $7.99, you get a fantastic mascara that thickens up your lashes three times more than not wearing mascara.

For a great lip gloss, might I recommend Maybelline Shine Sensation Lip Gloss. You might be able to tell I am a Maybelline girl at heart! This lip gloss provides a luscious shine without making your lips look overly done. I love the shine and the non-stickness of this lip gloss, as well! I actually have bought four of these lip glosses to keep them around the house and in my diaper bag for the summer months.

So, have you done a summer makeover yet? What is your beauty routine for the summer?




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    I generally stick to my usual routine when it comes to makeup but I add some SPF to the mix. I am a foundation, eye shadow, bronzer, blush, mascara, and lip stick junkie.

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    I’ve been interested in things like the natural glow lotion but am always afraid if not put on evenly, i’ll be uneven lol. you also are like me when it comes to make up because i only wear a couple things.

    great review!

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    I always feel like changing up my colors for the Summer, and instead of lipstick I always go for a lip gloss. Oddly, we tend to go more natural in the summer and more painted in the winter. lol.

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    My summer routine is VERY simple. I am not a fan of makeup, but I do like using lip gloss. So that’s it for me!

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    These all sound like great products — especially for the momma on the go! I always try to remember AT LEAST lip gloss, mascara, and tinted moisturizer in the morning… DEFINITELY gives me a little extra oomph… that and coffee… lol :)

    Hope you’re having a good day, Melissa! <3

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    I’m semi-routine. I haven’t been for the longest time, but am trying to get my own little thing going. All of these products sound really great :)

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    I use MaryKay (my sister is a Rep) and Avon (I am a Rep) only for my products but Jergen’s was a good one when I used to use it. Nice write up for people searching for these products! Well written and nice pictures!!