Guest post: A true Jersey Girl!

Hey, peeps! I’m Sam and I am the brilliant mind {lol} that blogs over @ Adventures With Gwen. I began my blog as a way to share my pregnancy ups, downs, and bloopers with our family across the nation and fell in love with it. After taking a short break when my daughter, Gwen, was born, I decided I missed blogging so much that I had to continue, so I fired my computer back up and haven’t looked back since. I am a Jersey girl {I think that is why Melissa and I get along so well!} who loves the beach, good wine, trashy reality TV, my husband, my Chocolate Lab, Wiley, and most of all my amazing 19-month old baby girl. So, if you like my style or even think I am just a tad bit interesting, stop on over and say hi! The more the merrier :) A HUGE thank you and much love to Melissa, who basically is my “blog idol” and a pretty amazing mom, for letting me guest post. You rock, girl! Hope you are having the best time in Hawaii!


A Jersey Girl Abroad:

I am pretty sure that Melissa will vouch for me when I say that New Jersey is a WHOLE different world. You think I kid, but I am totally serious. We are a breed of our own. Everything from the way that we speak {although, NONE of us EVER say “New Joisey,” I always hated that assumption}, to the way that we drive {if you think New Yorkers are aggressive drivers, come on over to Jersey and say your prayers, lol}, stands in a category all by itself. We have the best of many worlds, the beach, the mountains, NYC, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and so much more, so when you take us out of NJ, sometimes we are a bit lost… that’s where my story begins.

No, I wasn’t “abroad,” per se, but I definitely wasn’t in “Kansas” anymore… I was in Pennsylvania.

We were visiting my in-laws for Easter out in PA for the weekend, and I was BEYOND excited to find that there was a Dunkin Donuts less than two blocks away. You see, I had given up my beloved Iced Mocha Latte for Lent and was counting the minutes until we were to be reunited once again. So, when I woke up Easter morning, I was as excited as a kid going on an Easter Egg Hunt! Pre-shower, sans makeup, and sporting my glasses, I headed out in search of my long lost love, when I realized that the “gas light” was on. :(

At this moment, my inner child was stomping her feet and about to throw a serious tantrum, but I reeled her in, and made the “adult” decision to head to the gas station. As I pulled into the empty gas station, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I wouldn’t have to wait very long, but I didn’t see any employees. About two minutes after my arrival, an employee walked out of the convenience store and stood on the curb. Then, began “the staredown”…

I smiled at him, acknowledging he was there, and he reciprocated. But, neither of us moved. So, I looked down at my phone, checked my email, and when I looked up, he was still in the same spot. So was I. For the next five to ten minutes, I gave him my best “Jersey” annoyed/semi-death glares… go ahead, you can laugh at me now. All I could think was “How lazy is this man, that there are no cars here and yet he isn’t coming over to pump…. my…. oh crap.”

You see peeps, over here in good ole’ Jersey, it’s ILLEGAL to pump your own gas. Therefore, I was waiting for Mr. Employee to come on over and “help” me, and, with good reason, this man most likely thinks that I am a certified LUN-A-TIC! Haha!! I immediately turned 50 shades of -red {lol} and slowly stepped out of the car with my tail between my legs as I reached for the pump. It was the longest “fill-up” of my life… and I didn’t look up at him once.

As I got back in the car, still avoiding eye contact, I called my husband and told him my reason for taking so long… he could barely breathe he was laughing so hard.

I guess it’s as the saying goes, “You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl!”

Thank you again, Melissa, and I hope that some of you will stop by and check out some of our “Adventures With Gwen”

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  1. Lori D. says

    Good luck getting someone to pump gas in Florida. Nowhere have I ever seen any gas stations that do it, and it stinks. I haaate pumping gas and wait till the gas light is on before I either sweet talk hubby into taking my car to the gas station, or sputter into the gas station on fumes.

  2. says

    Jersey girl here! Even though I live in SC now, your right….you can take the girl out of Jersey but not the Jersey out of the girl!! Now it’s like a treat not having to pump my own gas when I visit.

  3. says

    Raised Jersey, then SC and now FL. BUT after growing up in Jersey, and clearly not pumping gas I went to college in SC. I didn’t have a car (my brother was there, so he carted me around), but I was riding with my VA native roommate and we stopped for gas and she asked me to fill the car up while she ran in side,”… what, I don’t know how to do this…”. So I attempted, and it kept stopping (I think it was too far in or something) but she came out and I was like… it’s not working!! And then she filled up. Woops. my bad. Gotta love learning experiences.