Dealing with Drug Representatives for medicine/dental!

Being a dentist, I have been exposed to so many wonderful drug representatives over the years. When I was in Dental School, drug representatives started meeting with us to go over  future medicines for the dental field. It was new and exciting when they told us about all the new drugs that have been coming on the market and being researched daily. I had a basis about the pharmacology, and knew some of the terminology such as, Particle Characterization and Suspensions,  but I really did not know just how much research was done to assure that we medical professionals receive the very best drugs to do our patients right.  When it comes down to it,  we put our full trust in our dental representatives, who work hand in hand with the very best drug manufacturers.

Drug manufactures create the best drugs for our future. When we get sick, the most sought after remedy is drugs. If we did not have drug manufacturers, none of the new medicines would ever get put on the market. The end result would be catastrophic. However, most people do not know about drug development services. Drug Development Services such as Particle Sciences, provide the backbone to help drug manufactures get their information and support for future drug developments. They provide a full spectrum of drug development services which are aimed at minimizing the time and risks of drug development. They are the true necessities to drug manufactures as they bring expertise in providing efficient formulation, preformulation, analytic, and manufacturing services. They help provide the solution to help drug manufacturers minimize the time and aid in the transition of drugs going from the discover phase into the hand of clinicians.

I really had no idea about drug development services till I did some research on bing. It amazed me how little  the normal consumer, let alone a medical professional knows, about what goes on to bring the most efficient medicines to the market. It really intrigued me to find out that the drug manufacturers I work with on an everyday basis, have decades of experience and highly quality services right at their tip of their fingers. Next time, you are looking at the new medicine you are taking, think about how much goes into making that medicine. It really is truly fascinating and I am glad I now know more!

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    I have a love/hate relationship with pharmaceutical reps/companies! They do bring a ton of knowledge that the every day physician does not have time to research on their own and I applaud them for the knowledge BUT (you knew this was coming) I have been in so many situations where pharmaceutical reps recommended drugs for off-label use with a smirk and saying, “now I didn’t tell you this but so and so is using this for…” Aye, where are ethics?

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    My father-in-law is a dentist and one of my besties is a research rep for one of the big pharmaceuticals so I have an idea of how much research goes into it all. Its unfortunate as you say that alot of the public do not, I think it would change their outlook on the supposed ‘high’ cost of treatment.

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    I don’t deal with pharmaceutical reps, but have always been fascinated by the research and development that goes into all of the medications. Thanks for this informative post!

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    Someone once told me about how many undigested pills are found in outhouses and septic tanks. A nurse once mentioned something similar about finding numerous pills inside stomachs days after they were taken. Imagine spending all that money for medications and they never dissolve in your system.