Zigo Stroller Bike!

As a family, we are trying to get in shape for the summer!  I need a good stroller that will accomodate my new love of jogging. Thankfully, I found out about the Zingo Mango X2 Stroller. This stroller is the active stroller for all moms and dads out there. The best part of this stroller is it can be used as a stroller, jogger, and a trailer- all in one fabulous stroller.

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While it can be used as a jogging stroller, it also has the Zigo Mango Trailer Kit to easily convert the Mango to a traditional rear-hitch mount child bike trailer compatible with any adult bicycle up to 28″. You can then convert the Mango back to the jogging stroller by using the optional Zigo Mango Jogger Kit. With dual drum brakes and 20″ Pushbutton release wheels, the Mango handles all terrain with ease.

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I do enjoy jogging in a stoller, but I also am interested to take up bicycling.I am doing a possible triathlon so it would be nice to be able to connect the Zigo to my bike. Thankfully, this can be done. There are no extra accessories to buy for this- all are included in the box. It is truly awesome to have a stroller that supports my love of exercise as well as try to incorporate my children into my fitness routine.

Some other great qualities of the Zigo Mango Stroller include:

1MAN2A S 1 Zigo Stroller Bike!

-Zigo Mango is a great stroller for active parents.
-Zigo Mango a great stroller, even if you never use it to jog or as a bicycle trailer.
-All you need to stroll, bike, or run is included out-of-the-box.  No need to buy add-on kits.
-Accommodates 1 or 2 (with extra harness) children
-High quality
-Made by Zigo…maker of the super cool Zigo Leader Carrier Bike
-It is the new standard for baby and mommy sporty luxury
-Premium luxury features:
  -padded seats
  -5 point safety harness
  -reflective striping
  -4 point shock absorbers
  -Multi-position adjustable pushbar
  -Dual drum brakes
  -Optional Deluxe Environmental Control System (mesh screen and wind/rain guard)


*This is a sponsorsed post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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