#WordlessWednesday- 3 more days…. HAWAII!

Three more days and we will going to Hawaii. I am so unbelievably excited!!! Anyway, this is my husband and I the last time we went to Hawaii, 2 years back!



This is the cruise we are going on through the Islands:



Then ending our trip at the new Disney resort, Aulani in Ko Olina, Hawaii!




I am so excited! I will miss the Z man though!


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  1. says

    WOW! Good for you guys! Are you taking Hayley? I assume so since you said you’d miss Zane and you’re ending at a Disney resort. Have fun and take lots of pictures hot mama!

  2. Maryann at Matthews Puzzle says

    Nice! We honeymooned in Hawaii and loved staying at Kona Village. Would love to try Disney there.

  3. says

    sounds heavenly! I could maybe give up my ‘hobby’ of gardening if we could take trips, esp to such romantic places. our boys are grown up & moved on (so I still miss them) but no need for a sitter. Enjoy!

  4. says

    Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! You are so lucky to be going there AGAIN! It is on my bucket list, I hope I get to cross it off one day! Have a safe trip!

  5. maria says

    beautiful photo! love the flower in your hair! i’m so excited for you all! i can’t wait to hear all about it. i know you’ll have so many wonderful photos, memories and stories to share. i can’t wait to hear how much fun zane and hayley have together too!!
    maria <3

  6. says

    ohhhh…so jealous! We went on a Hawaii cruise about 5 years ago..and just loved it. Have a blast and take lots of pictures :)

  7. says

    Have fun! So wish I could do a cruise but this lady’s body just won’t handle it :) Maybe someday they’ll have a mediation that will work. Just stumbled across your blog and love what I’m seeing :)