Thirty-One Product Review- Adorable purses, totes, and pocketbooks

As a working mom, a blog owner, and the role of taking care of two small children, I don’t have much time to shop. One of my favorite items to shop for is adorable handbags and beach totes. When I get a chance to shop at stores, I always find the prices ridiculously high or low prices, but made of horrible fabrics. Thankfully, I have found a new site, thirty-one bags which not only has the most affordable totes and bags, but some of the cutest bags that I have found.

All of the thirty-one products are unique to their line and will not be found in any stores. They have beach totes, signature purses, beach bags, pocketbooks, and so much more to help organize ones life! They constantly are coming up with new products that would help make our job as moms easier and more organized. Not only are they great products, but they make for some super cute gifts. Have a friend having a baby- Why not get them a large tote to organize their baby stuff? Have a friend who has a special birthday coming up- Why not get them an adorable pocketbook?

I was lucky enough to come in touch with a great consultant who sells thirty- one products. Her name is Grace and her personal website is Grace and I got in touch back in January and we developed a friendship through our various conversations. She is a genuine person who will steer you in the right direction for all your thirty-one purchases. If  you have any questions about thirty-one products, she is there to help you. If you are not sure what to  buy but have a vision, she will help you on that as well! She is really a fantastic person who also happens to be one of my advertisers- so welcome Grace!

When we first talked, I told Grace I wanted to get a big beach bag for the summer. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but told her, it had to be BIG, BEAUTIFUL, and FUNCTIONAL! I needed a bag where I can store both Zane and Hayley’s beach products, clothes, and food when we headed out on a nice Summer day. She knew exactly what bag for me to try: The big beach tote!


I am pretty sure I am never going to put this bag down this summer. I think the best part of this bag, is it collapses to a smaller bag or expands to a great big bag by way of the middle zipper. It is so easy to unzip the middle to make room in your bag. I know for me, there are days, that I just go out myself and I don’t need all of the extra room. In this case, I will zip it and make it smaller. When I have the kids with me, I will use it as a larger bag. How is that for a bag!!

Be sure to check out Grace for your thirty-one ordering needs!



*I received products to facilitate my review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. melanie says

    I, too, found 31 recently. Last November I ordered a few products because I think they’re generally well-priced and really cute. I bought a wallet, a tote (which is my current diaper bag), and a few Christmas gifts. I am sad to say that my tote, which isn’t packed heavily or with pointy things in it, has developed several tears inside. I’m torn (pun intended) on whether to buy a replacement as it’s only 5 months old (the shortest any diaper bag has lasted me, and I have 4 children). Upon talking to a friend, I’ve found she had problems with two of her items. It’s too bad too, because they are super cute. I’ll be talking with my representative tomorrow to see what she says.

    • says

      Hi Melanie,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you were not 100% satisfied with your recent purchases. I would definitely talk to your Thirty-One representative. The Home Office Staff at Thirty-One is fantastic. They truly care about the Thirty-One customers. There might be a way to resolve your bag dilemma. I hope you figure out a solution. Have a great day!

  2. Deb says

    I have picked out over a hundred dollars worth of items from the Thirty-One catalog to order from a friend’s party. my dilemma is that I like to check out reviews before I buy products- especially those I have never had any experience with. . There is very little out there on the web that is not written by/for consultants or those considering becoming one. I found one site which was solely customer reviews, and there were so many bad reviews on that site, that it scared me. Everything by/for consultants is all positive, but the reviews I read on this site cited poor quality, items which were unavailable being replaced with a gift certificate- not your money back, very poor customer service when trying to return defective items, and not actually being able to reach someone at Thirty-One to mention a few. When you read reviews, there are always a few bad ones- Face it, you can’t please everyone, and things happen. The thing that makes me nervous is that there were so MANY bad reviews by so many different people. And the recent reviews seem to be much worse than those from a year or two ago. Other than this one site, all the reviews written by non-consultants were written by people who had “received” the products, which I take to mean they didn’t pay for them. At my age, quality & customer service are the most important things to me, and I am very hesitant to lay out money for the products when I have seen all those reviews warning me not to… I love the look of so many of their products, that it’s hard not to just go ahead & order them… I also think that it’s strange that the Thirty-One site does not have customer reviews of their products. All of my favorite on-line places have cusyomer reviews- good & bad.

  3. Megan says

    Around March last year, I finally decided to jump on the Thirty-One bandwagon. I was extremely excited about my new purse, wallet, & lunch tote. In April, I even hosted a book party at the school I was working at because one of the teachers was a consultant. However, by May, the only thing that had lasted from my original purchase was the wallet. The purse has big tears on the inside & the stitching started coming out at the top of my lunch tote. Again, I had purchased other things so I thought that maybe it was just my luck of the draw. But then my other things started fraying (my city weekender) & I have used my rolling tote a total of 4 times & already the zipper is broken & it wasn’t even full! I talked to others & they said that they were having the same problem. One even had an issue with her 5th avenue bag falling apart, & that’s a $125 bag!!! Granted, I know things don’t last forever, but if they aren’t even holding up for a year, that’s just unacceptable. I have 2 of the large utility totes that are holding blankets for me, & those are the only 2 things that I can actually fill to the brim & have not had to worry about them falling apart, although all they are doing is sitting there.

    I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in this company & the quality of their products. I had a bag that was a little more expensive before buying this stuff that lasted me 4 years that took quite a beating & I was able to actually fill it up. I have yet to see any print from 31 that was 4 years old, but that may be because the bag has already fallen apart.