Saving money with coupons

In my quest for better spending habits, I have learned a lot of tricks along the way. Like any pursuit I made some mistakes, but also learned some really successful tactics, and the successful tactics are the ones I want to share with my readers here today. First I want to say that I love nice things and refuse to give up quality that lasts, for items not made as well that I need to replace every year. When I am looking to save money, I am not just considering price, but in the case of clothes, I consider CPW, or cost per wear. In the case of other household items I go by CPU, or cost per use. Think about it, if you use a toaster every morning for seven years or that rice cooker that cost exactly the same, but you used only twice in the ten years since you bought it, then in the long run you got a much better deal on the toaster based on your CPU.

I have talked a bit about clipping coupons for my groceries and pairing them with in store sales to get the most bang for my buck. When it comes to clothes, shoes, kitchen ware and other such items, I’ve also decided it rarely makes sense to pay full price when there are so many great ways to save, especially on-line. I always price check an item on-line which is the easiest thing to now. You know instantly if you are getting the best possible deal. I also have discovered a place to find endless coupon codes, where I can usually find a coupon for whatever the item might be that I am looking for. This means I don’t have to ever expect to sacrifice quality for a lower cost, I just have to do my due diligence to find the coupon codes for the specific items and brand names that I am looking for! That way I get exactly what I want, for a price I know is the best.



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  1. says

    I bought a pair of dress pants at Old Navy this week for $3.47 + I had a spend $50 get $10 off so it was a little cheaper still. I know I can wear them to my work for awhile and get some use of them. I keep clothes forever and love finding deals on them. I don’t pay full price for clothes.

  2. says

    I’m not so good at couponing. I love to save, but it always seems to me like you do all that work but can save about the same amount by generics. Obviously, I don’t know all the good tricks ;-)

  3. says

    I have such a hard time finding the right coupons. I also have a hard time finding the time to go out, get a paper, clip coupons etc. I am really going to work on this after the summer (too much with all four kids home)…I hope that I can find a way to be able to save money like some of those extreme couponers do. :)

  4. Cindy B says

    Great tips, we totally have to use coupons and watch sales. Try to always get at least 25% off or more on whatever the total bill should be.