My friend is moving to Maryland and she needs to find a new house!

My really good friend of the past 10 years just told me that she is moving to Maryland. I knew this was coming for a long time but still, anytime, a good friend moves, it is devasting. Her husband’s job is taking her to Washington, DC and since she wanted to live outside a major city, she found her dream house in Calvert County,  MD. This section of Maryland has high employment rates, highly rated schools, and is easily accessible to Washington. She told me about this incredible area of Maryland. She knew she wanted to build a beautiful home that she can call her own, for at least the next 20 years.

She researched many new home builders including Ryan homes  ,as well as, Paramount Constructions.  While she found many wonderful facets about each of these home builders, she decided to go with Curtis homes. Her friend used Curtis homes and after some talk  with her husband, they felt that going with Curtis homes would be a worthwhile investment.

Since 1950, Curtis New Home Builders has been building homes in the DC Metro region encompassing Virginia, Maryland, Washington, and DC. What she truly loved about Curtis homes, was she was able to browse by her community, and find out what style and floor plans  she could choose. She also had the option of doing a completely customizable home.  She loved that they would take care of every detail  and facet to ensure she got her dream house. What more can you ask for when you are soon to become a new homeowner!

Curtis also offers models on independent lots so you won’t be confined to their community, if you choose not to be. Personally, I see so many builders that don’t allow a home, that is not on their selected lots. When I was looking for my home, I wanted to use a specific builder and while I seriously loved the builder, they wouldn’t agree, to go outside of their community. This is not the case with Curtis home builders!

Curtis Homes ensures you will have a fantastic experience building your house. They only use the finest product lines that they believe and trust in. Some of the product lines they use are Progress Lighting, Cardell Cabinets, Rubbermaid, and GE to name a few. Next time you are searching for a house, be sure to check out Curtis Builders!



*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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