Guest Post: Roberts Boutique etsy shop!

Hi, my name is Cari…from Adventures of the Roberts…I started my blog to share our everyday journeys with our out-of- town family and I actually made a lot of new friends from blogging(IRL & on-line), I am married to the most amazing man and  proud mommy to the sweetest little girl & our 2 dogs Molly (border-collie mix) & Kaiah (pit-bull) I am a S.A.H.M., I enjoy spending time with my family, hanging out with  friends and just watching my little girl grow and learn new things everyday!  I am super excited to be guest posting on Melissa’s blog though we have yet to meet IRL I am so happy that I became friends with her!

Etsy Store-

I have been on Esty as a customer for quite some time now…I’ve loved every single item I have purchased from there and everyone I have dealt with has always been so nice!


So After making Bre’s balloon wreath, I realized how easily I could make these and hopefully make some money by selling them…I also have experimented with making leg warmers so as soon as I get my hands on a sewing machine those are going on there as well!!


Right now I only have 3 items but I just did 3 different wreaths but I am willing to make anything anyone would like! So please check out my store, Roberts Boutique tell everyone you know and I will love you forever!!!

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