Feeding the Zoo with cat food and Del Monte fruit cups #iLovemyk9 #cbias

At least once a month, my family and I designate one night where we watch movies together. This tradition started when my husband and I got married but continued on to include my daughter as she got older. We let her have free range of the choice of movies that would be suitable for her.  Her latest movie choice was to see We Bought a Zoo.  When we watched television and saw the trailer, she kept bugging me to buy the movie for her. She wanted to watch it more for the animals- we are huge animal lovers and we try to nurture her love of animals through movies and visiting the zoo reguarily.

We went to visit Walmart  last week to buy the We Bought a Zoo DVD but unfortunately we were told it didn’t arrive on DVD till April 3. So, the morning of April 3, Hayley, Zane, my mom, and I woke up and headed to our local Walmart.

From doing my research I knew that they were offering a $4 off coupon on the We Bought a Zoo DVD with purchase of two participating Del Monte products. We have a cat who loves Meow Mix cat food (from the Del Monte pet product line) and luckily for us, we were all out, when we arrived at Walmart. So we headed to the pet aisle to pick up our much needed Meow Mix. We also promised our friend we would pick up her dog some Kibble Bits dog food (also from the Del Monte pet product line)  while we were there. Did you know that Del Monte pet products are being featured in Women’s World magazine and Parade magazine?   We were then able to get a coupon to save on our DVD purchase. Win-Win!

After we headed to the pet food aisle, we were off to the Del Monte food aisle to pick up some of  Hayley’s favorite: Del Monte pears and peaches. If you look inside Women’s magazine, you will see a $.50 coupon for purchases of Del Monte products. Everyone loves to save, right?! If you continue reading you will see my delicious creation that I made with Del Monte fruit cups below below that was easy and nutritious.

Lastly, we headed to pick up the newly released DVD, We Bought a Zoo. Of course, Hayley was so excited when she saw how many We Bought a Zoo DVDs were on the shelves. Little Zane, was more interested in chewing the case than anything else. When he gets older, I hope he acquires our love of animals.

We were so excited to head home and set up movie night for Hayley and my cat, who loves to lounge around when we watch our movies. She loves to snuggle with us during movie time but she got too excited this time when she saw her new Big box of Meow Mix cat food.

I then made Hayley this parfait of Del Monte peaches, yogurt, and blueberries. She loved it and it made for a delicious snack before we watched the movie.

Now, we were all ready to watch We Bought A Zoo.


I have to say, I loved the movie. I love Matt Damon and think he did a terrific job in this movie. It tells the story of a  single dad, played by Matt Damon, who decides his family needs a new start and ends up buying a zoo. They manage through many trials and tribulations to return the zoo from its glum, run-down state to a vibrant and wonderful zoo. The animals and visuals were astonishing! It is a loving journey that will be leaving you for more. Hayley liked it but since she is only three, I think she got lost with the plot. Most of her movies are cartoons- go figure! However, she loved seeing the animals and loved snuggling with our cat while watching the movie. I definitely recommend this movie as a great family movie!

To see my full shopping story, check out my google plus story. Please check out Kibbles ‘n Bits on facebook/twitter and Meow Mix cat foods on twitter. Del Monte Foods can also be found on facebook/twitter.




  • This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  #socialfabric. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.






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  1. says

    I cannot wait to see that movie! Have this week off so definitely renting some movies :) Mmm that Del Monte fruit sounds yummy!!

  2. says

    I so want to see that movie! That’s awesome all that you got to do! Looks like you had a fun day! I am surprised you didn’t add the cat food in with the parfait though. Ha ha. Just kidding! Hope all is well! Have a great night!

  3. Jenna Wood says

    I LOVE parfaits, what a great concept for Del Monte- Can’t wait to Watch We Bought A Zoo, it’s getting a lot of great buzz!

  4. says

    I have been looking at this movie the last few times that I rented something and I think that it looks really good! I am going to have to check it out after reading all of the positive reviews about it. :)