A coupon solution!

I was so mad at myself the other day when I paid full price for a cute dress I liked at Old Navy, (Old Navy has great prices to begin with) and then came home and stumbled upon a site where there was a link to Old Navy Coupons that I could have used to save money on my purchase. Needless to say I returned the dress and bought it again with the coupons that I found.  The point is that as hard as I try to be a savvy shopper I still have to make sure I always check for bargains on-line before I head out to the stores.  Once I’m at a store I like, if I don’t have  coupons in hand then I usually end up paying full price.  The problem was that I have specific stores that I like to shop at, and trust the quality of their merchandise.

I recently solved that problem when I found the site where the Old navy coupon was. It turns out my entire list of favorite stores are listed right there at  I can go to the site and check for bargains at my favorite stores.  Lets face it though when you are out shopping, if you see something you like, (if you are like me), you are not going to run home and look on-line to see if you can find a coupon for that store, then go back and buy it. You are just going to buy it.  Then I found the Facebook App which can be installed right on my Facebook page where I can select my favorite stores and then only see the coupons I would be interested in. The great thing about that is that I have a Facebook app on my phone that I can check while I’m out if I happen to be shopping.  Next time I’m at Old Navy I’ll be able to pull out my phone and check for a coupon right then and there! Love that!



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    I tend to search for coupons on my phone while I am in the store. That way I can grab a coupon if I find something I like and not worry about grabbing all the coupons I might need before I walk out the door. So far I’ve been able to find an online coupon that works for most every store I go to. – Katy

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    Oh wow! This is just what I need. LIke you, if I’m out and see something I want, I will pay full price! Thank you! I’m going to check this out!

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    I wouldn’t be able to use this app here (Spain) but it is definitely useful so I will be sharing it to everybody in my facebook fan page so people would now. thanks for sharing!