Champions for Kids: Time for the Odwalla Sports Drive Challenge! #OdwallaCFK #Cbias

If you remember last month, I told you all about the Champions for Kids Simple Project for the month: The Odwalla Game Challenge. In this post, I talked about how the wonderful organization Champions for Kids does monthly community projects that people like you and I can get involved with to help children worldwide. Whenever I hear anything about helping children, I need to get onboard and do my best to help out. This month I am participating in the Champions for Kids April project: the Odwalla Game Challenge

Some information on how the Odwalla Game Challenge works:

How it works: Gather your family, friends, and co-workers to participate in a Odwalla Game Day Challenge by hosting a basketball, baseball, kickball, football, softball, or other kind of ballgame. Have each person bring new or gently used sporting equipment! Give the sporting equipment to an organization in your community that serves children (like a school, shelter, rec league or nonprofit).

I was thinking long and hard about where I was going to donate my sports equipment (both new and old). If you read my old posts, you know by now that I am a kids’ dentist who works in a low income area where the children have their bare necessities and that is it. The children come to see me because their parents can’t afford dental insurance and I am there to assist in getting proper treatment. This led me to think about how they probably do not have sports equipment that every child deserves. They probably don’t have the sports products to go hit a ball outside or play catch with friends. Thinking about this, I decided it is only natural to have the sports drive at the local non-profit dental office near me. I knew the patients would be ecstatic!

To plan for my sports drive at the local non-profit kids’ dental office, I went to Walmart to purchase new equipment such as tennis rackets, baseballs, gloves, and balls.



I then supplemented my sports products that I bought at Walmart with some that I had lying around and never used. I figure why not give it to children who would actually use and play with it.

After this, I headed over to pick-up some delicious Odwalla juice that I can use for my Sports Drive. I happen to love Odwalla juice, even before I learned they were collaborating with Champion for Kids on this campaign. However, when I learned that this amazing juice company was working with this project, my love for Odwalla juice increased. It is truly a refreshing and healthy drink that is fortified with some fantastic vitamins to keep children healthy and happy.

Finally I was ready to head out to the dental office to have my sports drive.

I was so pumped to see the patients’ reactions when we set-up the sports drive. I didn’t tell them that I was coming so it was a true surprise. A lot of the children were middle school/high school age, so having a sports drive was right up their alley. When I got there I started my preparations in setting up my table and getting ready to put the Odwalla juice in cups.

To say that the children were excited is a true understatement! They had a blast and the parents could not thank me enough for helping them get sports equipment so they could go outside and play this summer. Many barely had a small ball in their house, let alone tennis rackets and gloves. They also remarked how they loved the Odwalla juice and asked me how they would go about buying it. It was true success! When I was going home later that night, I actually had tears in my eyes. I do a good thing for children on an everyday basis, however, lets face it- they are not stoked to go to the dentist. However, getting sports equipment made them unbelievably happy. I just felt good being able to help out and plan to do many more Champions for Kids Simple Projects in the next few months to help out even more children out.

Many thanks to Champions for Kids for helping out and raising charitable awareness. I am truly honored I could be one of the million helping out! Be sure to check out Champions for Kids on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also check out my full google plus story of how this sports drive came to be.



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    Aww, that is so nice! It’s great that these kids will now have some sports equipment to play with, especially with summer coming up!

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    That’s so awesome, Melissa! You rock with your sexy ponytail. :) Who doesn’t love to play sports, especially in the summer! I am alive, in case you are wondering. Lol. Just been keeping myself really really busy! Thanks for checking on me. I will try to blog in the next few days! Love ya!

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    Huge pat on the back to you for both the equipment and the dental care.

    As an adult without dental insurance and a very limited income, I go without. I have many thoughts about an infection in my mouth leading elsewhere. It could be what kills me.