Wordless Wednesday: Zane throughout his first year!

He will be 1 on Saturday so I figured I would show his monthly pictures!

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  1. says

    Aww…Happy 1st Birthday Zane! I love the yearly pictures (not so sure about month 6 and 10…haha). I cannot believe the hair on that boy, how many haircuts has he had in the first year? I am excited to see the pictures from his party and the special guest!!

  2. says

    So cute. It’s so crazy that our babies are almost one. (At least I still have a month to go.) Happy birthday, Zane!

  3. says

    Your son has the most rockin hair! It so crazy how they grow so quickly and until you start looking back on photos, you don’t really see it. Happy Birthday!

  4. says

    Such a cute post. That little boy is adorable! Love all the smiles. (jealous cause my kids do not always smile, lol)

  5. says

    He is a cutie. Melinda did the same thing with Shae and took a picture each month until she was one. It’s really cool to look back and see how much they change on a month basis. It’s crazy.

    Happy WW!

  6. says

    He’s so cute! Why does the first year have to go by so quickly?!?
    I love how you put the stickers on the chair. Brilliant! Starting at month 4, Lily spent most of her photoshoots trying to peel it off her shirt!

  7. says

    OMG!!! He is just the cutest!!! And I can’t get over how much hair he had from the start!! A year already, so fast… Happy early birthday handsome!

  8. says

    I’m so glad I did this with Brynnleigh, I love going back and seeing her growth spurts!! Happy almost Birthday Zane! Thanks for linking up with The BOAT!

  9. Maryann at Matthews Puzzle says

    Wow, a year! You are better than me at the pics. I couldn’t keep up.

  10. says

    OMG, so stinkin’ cute!! 5 months might be my favorite. I just want to give him a great big snuggle! Happy birthday to Zane!

  11. says

    I love these photos… I like the idea of you taking them in the same place each month, it’s too cute!
    My favorite photo is the 5 mo. one – his chubby cheeks are just so pinchable. =)
    His hair is also so cute… Happy birthday, Zane.

  12. says

    I can’t believe he will be one already! Gets cuter every day. Happy Birthday to your sweet (not so baby) boy.

  13. maria says

    omygoodness, happy almost birthday, zane!
    melissa, i can’t take his cuteness! ahhh, his outfits, big smile, and adorable hair!!
    he should be a baby model!! and the first photo made me AWW so loud.
    i love the calvin klein outfit :)

    can’t wait to see photos of his party!
    i hope you have a wonderful time <3

  14. says

    Hey Melissa!!
    I thought I had followed you correctly but when I hadn’t seen a post in a week (except on fb) then I thought I’d better double check. All good now!!
    These pics are absolutely gorgeous!! Zane is so very cute, a real handsome little boy. Not long til he’s one!!!

  15. says

    I am playing blog catch-up today, and just looked at this adorableness :) I am loving the fact that you remembered to take his monthly pictures! I haven’t been as good about that for my J :/ But how fun to watch little Zane morph into a (so close to being!) 1 year old. I’ll be thinking of you guys tomorrow on the big day! xoxo Megan

  16. says

    A-freaking-dorable!! I love doing the monthly pics as well. They didn’t have the stickers when I had Jillian (or I didn’t know about them!). I can’t believe he’s turning one, wow! He looks so much like Hayley in the last pic!