Saturday’s Top Five Laughs-Come join the Blog Hop!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I am celebrating by getting my Shamrock Shake at McDonalds today:) Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend in whatever you are going to do.

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My Top Five Laughs:

5. Zane has now said his second word which is hi. It comes out like HIIIIIIIIIIIII… He emphasizes the I in Hi which is so cute!

4. Just for kicks this week, I tried on a 2T shirt on both Hayley and Zane. To my surprise, the same shirt fit them both. It is crazy how they are so close in weight but more than two years apart.

3. Hayley had a huge temper tantrum in the middle of the restaurant the other night. It was all over her doll! What happened is she brought her dolly into the restaurant and  had to be a diva, and request a high chair for the doll. I told the waitress that was not necessary but she wanted to appease my cute kid. When it was time to bring the drinks, all of a sudden, Hayley went into hysterics. I asked her why and she said, ” I told her to bring dolly a drink and she didn’t. Now dolly is going to be thirsty!” Really kid, you are getting in hysterics over pretending to give a doll a drink.

2. Zane absolutely loves taking a shower. He loves the water all over his face. I have been showering with him for a few weeks now- it is just easier for me. This week, I decided to give him a bath, since Hayley refuses to shower with me, and I wanted to get it all done with. I put him in and he screamed. I figured that maybe the water was too cold- Nope- It was fine! So, I showered with him instead and two nights later, tried the bath again. Screamed again! He hates taking a bath now- I created a shower monster!

1. My favorite of the week: Hayley and I were listening to Rhianna on the way home. All of a sudden on the way home, she asks, “Mommy, can you buy me some whips and chains if I am a good girl.” WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now your turn:


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