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So, before I begin and I am dedicating this post to my son, Zane, who turns 1 tomorrow, March 31!! ¬†Happy Birthday Baby Boy!¬† Mommy/Daddy/Hayley LOVE you with all our hearts and hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend! If you haven’t checked out my Wordless Wednesday with all his monthly shots, please do- They will make you smile:)

As usual, I would love for you to link up your funny/cute/top five laughs. I promise I will get to reading all your laughs- it just might take me to the end of the weekend but I will do it!

My Top Five Laughs:

Here are my laughs. It is more cuteness than laughs since it is all centered around Zane.

5. Zane is officially in size 2 clothes. Yes, he is turning 1 tomorrow, but he is wearing size 2. He is my chubbette- a cute chubbette though!

4. The kid loves his food. His favorite at this moment is chicken. He tries to grab the whole chicken drumstick and put it in his mouth. He really is so funny when hunger strikes.

3. Every morning, I hear Zane say, “Mama” “Mama”. I can hear that all day long in his cute baby voice.

2. He is infatuated with Elmo. Elmo is going to be making a special appearance at his birthday party on Sunday. I can’t wait to see how excited he is going to be. If he hears Elmo’s voice, he is giddy!

1. 3 days before his first birthday, he took his first 3 steps. He isn’t walking yet, but this is the start to something great.


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  1. says

    Happy Birthday Zane!! How exciting!! He is such a cutie. He and Wyatt are right there together in chubbiness, I love it. You need a picture of the chicken leg thing, too cute! Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    How exciting for Zane! My boys were the same way, they started with their first steps on or right before their 1st birthday. My daughter on the other hand is taking her sweet time with EVERYTHING, she didn’t walk until she was about 16 months. And she barely talks, only a few words, even though she’s 2.5 yrs. Potty training…well..that’s WAY out the window. lol.

    I love little baby birthdays! They are always so much fun! is he going to have his very own birthday cake to demolish and make a huge mess out of and enjoy? :)

  3. says

    Number 3 is SO cute!! I love hearing Cupcakes say Momma too, but she doesn’t in the morning. When she wakes up she just CRIES every time!

    Great laughs; thanks for hosting!


  4. says

    Happy birthday, Zane!!! Not only do we looove a March birthday around this house (3 of the 7 of us share the month) but Maddie will be 1 in about a month, too so I’m really loving hearing about Zane’s little milestones and cute stories! :) I WISH she’d eat a drumstick – she’s going through a picky stage (I just looked over and she’s currently dropping her Cheerios one by one over the tray of her high chair…) Have a great weekend – can’t wait to hear how Elmo goes over!

  5. says

    Happy birthday Zane! Wow! Size 2! He’s going to be a football player. :) Wolf Prince at almost 17 months is just now moving into 18 month clothes. Bottom quartile. He didn’t start walking until 13 months even though he took steps starting at 11 months. He wasn’t in a hurry. He hates Elmo. He’s weird. I don’t know of any other baby that hates Elmo.

  6. maria says

    Happy Birthday to Zane!!!!!
    I hope he has a wonderful first birthday…I can’t wait to read about it and see photos of the awesome party you throw for him!
    Sending big birthday hugs his way! :)
    Have a sweet one, Melissa!

  7. says

    What a big boy! I can’t believe how grown up these laughs make him seem. I hope the party is incredibly fun today. I love you laughs as always, but my favorites are the size two clothes and the elmo thing. I hope he likes the real elmo!!

  8. Anastacia Grace says

    Aww, Hope Zane had a great birthday!! You’ll have to let us know how he enjoyed Elmo’s special appearance. :)