My Vue to see the movies easier on the big screen!

I have always loved going to the  new movies out there! I love the escapism of stepping into a dark theatre and being transported into another world for a few hours. I can get totally absorbed in a good story. This week I am so excited about the release of the new Hunger Games Movie, having read and loved the book trilogy I am really looking forward to it! It looks like I’m not the only one! We read the hunger Games trilogy in our book club and now are planning to go see the movie together next week.

I’ve heard great things about it, I’ve also heard it was sold out for a few shows my friends tried to go! I am going to plan ahead for this one when we get our tickets for sure! The book group would be so upset if we got to the theatre all excited and then found the show sold out! To avoid situations like that I like to go online to one of the sites where you can check the latest movies, where a movie is playing, look up cinema times and sometimes purchase tickets in advance.

It is also getting more expensive when I go with my family, for four of us, between tickets and food, it is no longer the cheap date it was for just the two of us! Luckily sites like have deals where a whole family can purchase tickets through their website at children’s prices for everyone, you can also go through AAA and purchase tickets to certain cinema chains in advance for much lower prices, and don’t forget to check those Entertainment Books for discount tickets as well! I always buy the Entertainment Book for one fundraiser or another, and I know they are worth it if you really use the coupons, but usually I forget I even own it until after it has expired! The movie tickets in there are a great value if you do remember to use them though! Once you get your tickets, grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show!




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    Oh have fun at hunger games! And I have never heard of myvue— sounds great! I don’t go to the movies as much as I used to since money issues- but that is great to get discounted prices there!

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    Your book club sounds like so much fun. My club only chooses “deep” books – and those books would never be made into movies.

    Have a great time!

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    Ahhhhhh! Have fun at The Hunger Game’s! I have read all three books and I’m dying to watch the movie.

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    Wow this service sounds awesome. So if you are going with children you can all pay the children’s price in advance to get in the door? Might have to find a few kids this summer if I see something I really want to see and take them along. I guess the defeats the purpose of saving $ since I would have to go out and find them but I am sure their parents would be excited for some “time alone”.

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    I think advance tickets were a smart choice! The parking at our theater was beyond crazy! It reminded me of the traffic at the mall during Christmas.