Mommy Time Relaxation

As a busy working mom I have to really make a point to carve out “mommy time” for myself.  This is not just beneficial to me, but for the sake of the whole family. As they say, “happy mom, happy family”!   It can definitely be a challenge to find that extra time in an already packed schedule, but it is essential.   When I can sneak away, one of my favorite indulgences is to take a nice long hot bath.   Just thinking about it helps me to relax!  I love to pour in some Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, and luxuriate.  Sometimes my bath is accompanied by a glass of wine, a magazine, or a good book. (Or all three!)  I find this ritual extremely therapeutic, both mentally and physically.  Not only does the bath help me to feel emotionally renewed, but the oils moisturize my dry skin, and relax my sore muscles,(great after a tough tennis match) providing an all around sense of well-being. I am much better prepared to face my next busy day the next morning!


Unfortunately I don’t always have time to soak in the tub.  I do have dry skin though, and I feel like the weather has gone from early spring to mid-summer in a day.  I can’t put on my shorts and short sleeve shirts unless I moisturize my dry winter skin!   When I’m in a rush to moisturize, I sometimes put a small amount of the bath oil in the palm of my hands at the end of a shower while I’m still wet and spread it on my arms and legs, where my skin tends to be most dry.  When I towel off, this leaves my skin feeling soft and gives it a nice glow.  Then I’m ready to pull out my summer outfits and can bare my arms and legs without feeling self conscious about my dry skin.


Moms, don’t forget to take care of yourself in the midst of taking care of everyone else.  Carve out some of that precious “Mommy Time“, and enjoy the weather…because it seems like summer is here early!


What’s your favorite indulgence when you get some “Mommy Time”?



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