Has your body changed through the years?

I have a confession to make, but you must promise not to tell anyone! Honestly if you told me five years ago that I would be talking about this, I would have told you you’re nuts!  That of course was before the kids came along and changed my world for the better in so many ways. My body, not so much!  The thing is that once you have kids you become much more open about discussing bodily functions that you never in a million years thought you’d talk about to other people!  So here is the thing, after having two babies and nursing them both, my body shape has changed. I know you must be thinking, of course it did what did you expect to happen!? The thing is I don’t think most of us think it is going to actually happen to our own bodies.   In our minds it is something that happens to other moms who just put on too much weight during pregnancy or let themselves go after having kids, right? So wrong! I can tell you because I play tennis three times a week and am in great shape, it’s just not the same body shape I was in before.

My confession is that recently I have been  looking into the cost of breast implants.  This is something I had never considered before, and it is only recently, that I began to actually notice other women’s cleavage,  something I had certainly never paid much attention to in the past.  When I really look around I can tell many more women than I expected have already gotten breast implants, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. They are the moms with the perky chests that help to perfectly balance out their curves!  We shall see in the future. Right now, I plan to have other  children so it is not an option. We will see later on in life…

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    For those girls who want to get their cleavage looking great again–more power to them. I am going to age as gracefully as I can and naturally. The idea of going under the knife again voluntarily bothers the heck out of me. The last time I had surgery, it took hours for me to wake up, and only after they gave me something (What?? I don’t know). A push-up bra is fine with me.

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    I feel you..no I really feel you. I have gone down at least 2 cup sizes since having kids, it’s something that bothers me everyday..it really does! If I had the $$ I would consider it, I just want to balance out my body and feel ‘womanly’ again. Be safe, and I get it!

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    I may not be the best person on this subject. I actually would prefer to do the exact opposite. I would love a breast reduction. Wearing an halter or any other top that does not require a bra is a huge NO-NO for me. I’m pushing DDD and would love to be a simple D cup, hectic I might even settle for DD. Maybe I can give you some of mine and we both can solve our problems? :)

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    Well, even after one child (who I breastfed for 2 years) I have noticed a significant change. What will I look like after this new baby comes along and breast feeds too? Oh man! Maybe we need to find a company who will give us bloggers some free surgery :)

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    I don’t think that’s something I would ever look into for myself, but I definitely know where you are coming from in regards to bodies changing. Mine has grown larger since having Sawyer! Weight loss is the way I need to change my body.

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    My body is still going through changes now that I am finally losing all the baby weight. My chest has always been my favorite part of my body and thankfully it hasn’t gotten smaller but gone the other way. I would love to change my bat wing arms though! But that’s genetic and I’m terrified of surgery.