Fresh Produce Clothing Review

Fresh Produce is a truly fashionable clothing line with an array of original, refreshing, and captivating casual, resort, and sportswear. Known for their vibrant colors and incredibly well made clothes, Fresh Produce has been delighting customers all over the world for three decades now. As a mom of two, fashion always takes a backseat for me and I realized that it really should not be. As a mom, to put on a nice outfit always makes my day just a little brighter. Whenever I put on my Fresh Produce clothes, I have a smile on my face and I exude confidence.

There are many clothing stores out there but a lot don’t give the diverse styles seen at Fresh Produce. I want to step out with something that would not be seen at your typical store. I want to wow my friends with my fresh look! At Fresh Produce, I can achieve this. Fresh Produce uses garment dye which is a process that makes Fresh Produce clothing look and feel sun washed and beach worn. Garment dye brings out individuals personalities so their clothes can not be duplicated, from one piece to the next. Fresh Produce has a section for new clothes on their site, as well as tops, buttons, spring dresses, girls, and plus size outfits.

For my review, I chose Cafe Wrap Dress.  I get nervous with buying clothes online but this dress fit like a glove. It is hard to go shopping online, as most dresses look overly long on me. I am small, think 5’2, but this dress really looked fantastic on me, and complimented my figure. It truly fit like a glove and actually made me look thinner than I actually am. What a huge plus! I also absolutely love the color and think it will look so cute with my strappy sandals in the spring/summer. I know this will be my go to outfit for all my summer events, as well as my upcoming trip to Hawaii. There is also no need to bring the clothes to the cleaners; the clothes washed beautifully in my washing machine and retained its original form/texture. The clothes also do not wrinkle which is great when you need to pack them up for vacation.

On the model:

 And on me:

Fresh Produce clothing is available for purchase on their website: There are clothes are extremely reasonably priced for the quality of clothes that they make. They can also be found in Nordstorms and over 500 speciality boutiques and resort retailers around the country. Company owned store and factory outlets are also scattered around the country, including exclusive seashore resorts in North America and the Carribean. Check them out on Facebook at : Fresh Produce Clothing.

*Thanks to Fresh Produce for supplying me this dress. As always, my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Jeremy, Censie and Jude says

    Cute dress! Looks great on you!! And love the color. I will check this place out!

  2. Sophie says

    Never heard of them before but I will definitely check them out because I love cute clothes that is easy peasy to wear!

  3. royalegacy says

    I think the dress looks better on you than it does on the model. They do have some nice sales going on right now, and the sale dresses are pretty. Thanks for sharing this site. I think I will be doing some clothes shopping now.

  4. Tara F says

    I think I actually like the dress on you better. The color and your skin tone are perfect together !

  5. Candice Moretti says

    Love it! Looks super comfy! Is it summer yet? That will be great on your vacay to Hawaii!

  6. Tethered Mommy says

    Wow! That dress looks WAY better on you than on the model! That looks like such a pretty summer dress that would be very comfy in the heat.

  7. Crunchy Beach Mama says

    ohhh so cute! I have a dress coming from them in that same color I think. Can't wait! I really like that one you chose.

  8. Mama Chocolate says

    Lovely! I just looked at their website and I could pretty much fill my wardrobe with their dresses, LOL! Beautiful!

  9. 113tidbits says

    That dress looks great on you. Perfect fit and color for a nice evening out in the spring or summer.

  10. Rebecca says

    You look beautiful! (Actually, I agree that the dress looks prettier on your figure than the model's). :)

  11. tribalmama says

    oh i love the wrap dress, how one can just throw it on..and it is flattering.
    btw, not only do you look much better in it than the model, you are much prettier too. :)

  12. Isra says

    That color looks so pretty on you,looks great for summer and I love the name of the clothing!

  13. Kelly-Marie says

    Your definatley rocking that dress! I love summer clothes, winter always makes me depressed and then once the bright summer clothes coe out I feel so much better :)