Does your child like to play dress up?



One of the things I love about being a mom is the way that my kids remind me not to take life too seriously all the time. Children live in a world of fantasy half the time in their play and in the way they imagine things work in the world. Sometimes as I watch them in play , I can fondly remember (although vaguely) being in that make believe world as a child myself. Like me as a child, Hayley loves to play dress up! She and her little friends can play dress up for hours on end. It is a good thing we have acquired the well stocked bin of dress up children’s outfits  that seems to be a must for all parents of small children to maintain.

I love to cultivate their fantasy play, and have found great costumes at reasonable prices seasonally at places like B.J.’s or year round on-line at shops like Fancy Dress Ball . You may already know this about me, but with two small children I prefer to do most of my shopping on-line. Can you imagine me taking these two into a  fancy dress shop store?! It would be complete anarchy and I’d leave owning half the store. It is so much easier not to drag them around, in and out of the car and shops. This tends to make for cranky kids, and a cranky mom, especially when it comes to shopping for kids outfits. I used to think it was strange when I would see a neighborhood kid wearing his batman costume day after day, all day long.

However now that Hayley is in her dress up phase, I get it! She does not want to wear her regular clothes, and as a mom you learn to pick your battles. If she wants to prance around in her princess costume all day feeling like she’s living in a fairytale, after all, who am I to burst her bubble?

*This post was brought to you by fancy dress ball.

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    I think you are wise to pick your battles and when my son was little it was his Superman Underoos he was in love with and I was worried I would never get him to take them off to wash them.

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    It’s funny, but yes, my son likes to play dress up. However, it’s different with boys because he only has Woody and Buzz Lightyear costumes right now. He also likes it when I put his “handsome clothes” on him so that works on church days!!