Do you use voucher codes?

As our family has grown from a family of two to three and now four, our bills have grown too. To keep up,  I am attempting to become a smarter shopper. There are other moms I know who seem to know how to find all the great bargains and save bundles on everything from clothing to their grocery bills. I’ve been asking them lots of questions and studying their shopping habits. It seems every good shopper knows that it just does not make sense to purchase an item without researching the best price, using a coupon, or downloading discount voucher codes.

There are a few websites and apps for smartphones that make comparative shopping easy, such as Pricegrabber or BizRate on-line or RedLaser and SnapTell apps for your mobile phone. These websites and apps compare prices at different stores around you or on-line to let you know where you are going to get the best price on any specific item.

Clipping coupons takes a bit of effort, but you can really save a ton. I’ve learned to only use them for things that are on my shopping list to begin with. When I first started clipping coupons I would try new products just because I had a coupon for them. I found that sometimes I would end up not liking the new product or not finding use for it, and it would end up wasting more money than I had saved! After some trial and error I learned how to combine the coupons I had clipped with in-store sales to maximize my savings. For example, if I had a coupon for toothpaste and the store had a sale on toothpaste I would double my savings! I love that!

The other thing I have learned to do is to find voucher codes  for items I am interested in, or for stores I want to shop at. Do you know how whenever you buy something on-line, there is a box at the checkout asking for coupon codes, voucher codes or discount codes? I used to feel like they were taunting me, because I never had the discount code to fill in the box, while I knew out there someone did! I always wondered where these voucher codes were coming from that were clearly saving all those other people money, except for me! Then I learned about websites devoted to supplying those codes to shoppers to get immediate savings. Voucher codes can also be downloaded to a smartphone and used right at the register in some cases!

I have really learned how to save my family money through these different methods, and hopefully you’ll save some too now! Happy shopping!

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  1. says

    Oh how awesome – I will check them out! Next month, when we move into our new place, I am definitely going to be looking for ways to be a smart shopper and save money!! Thanks for posting!


  2. says

    I have used voucher codes that I have received via email on websites like Old Navy and The Children’s Place. I need to dig deeper and find more though!

  3. Char W says

    One thing you can do is to google “store name and coupon code” or “discount code” or something like that and see if you can find a code. It can save money and sometimes the codes can be stacked to save you even more!

  4. says

    HA – I have never thought to look for them either LOL Thanks for the heads up. I can never seem to buy anything when it is on sale or find a coupon/voucher/whatever for something I need. LOL