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How many times a day do your kids watch television? How many times a day do your kids play video games that are mindless entertainment? What happens if there is a video game platform that gets kids excited about learning math? Would you be willing to give it a try?

DimensionU is just what you are looking for!  DimensionU is a way for your kids to sit and learn math by way of playing video games. This technology is now available to the general public, and has been used with huge successes in classrooms nationwide for four years. By using DimesionU, test scores have improved by two grade letters by simply “playing.” Sounds too good to be true- it is not! 

In my neighborhood, we have a lot of school aged kids and when they come over they instantly want to play baseball or wrestling on our gaming systems.  While this is fun for them, I recently decided to introduce them to DimensionU. When I first told them that we were going to play “math type” games, I heard one of the boys say, “I don’t want to do math. I just want to have fun.” So, off I sat and began to show them just what DimesionU is. I tried to explain that it is so much more than math, that they probably won’t even realize that they are learning.

What we sat down, each boy registered as a user. They got to pick a personal profile picture to resemble them. After this was set up for each boy, we went to the main game area and had a choice to play Gadget Works or Meltdown.

Gadget Works was the boys favorites. On Gadget Works, the boys can test their skills via random mix, pattern/number sequences, properties of operation, and relationship as equations. They were so addicted to playing each other and seeing who would win.  They tried to find various patterns within the game and after they got the correct patterns, they were asked math questions about patterns, addition, subtraction, and much more. It was fun to see them play the game using their gaming and mathematics skills, and then go on to answer some math questions that popped up in between play. The math questions ranged from simple math to more challenging math.  In Meltdown, the boys played various characters (each could be their own character) and completed problems that are age appropriate for their math ability. I had fun even answering the questions with them when they became stumped. They actually got excited to see how much they knew and how doing math was actually fun!

Parents can also set Educational Allowances, which is an optional program that allows you to pledge an allowance for the successful completion of weekly challenges.  Educational allowance is a great way to motivate your kids while teaching them about saving and spending responsibly. When you set up a parent account with the Educational Allowance, which is only $9.95 year, you get a report mailed to you on the progress of your children. I find this feature great as I can see how my kids are doing and how often they are playing, or shall I say “learning”, for their allowances. Kid love to earn cash and what better way than meeting their educational goals to receive these cash allowances.

The boys in my neighborhood really loved DimensionU. They had so much fun playing the games and not even realizing that they were learning! As a parent, seeing kids learn through non-traditional video games is truly spectacular! It is a great idea for parents to play along, every once in awhile, so they can see what their kids should be doing math-wise in school. If your kids struggle in math or need a simple refresher, be sure to set up an account with DimensionU. They will love it- I promise! Best of all, it is free unless you decide to do the $9.95 allowance a year.  Give it a try today!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for DimensionU. I received a free trial of DimensionU to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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  1. Kristyn says

    I love learning games that teach but are still lots of fun! this sounds like a great games thanks fir sharing

  2. Mama to 4 says

    I applied for this but had to turn it down because my Norton wouldn't accept this on my computer? I really wanted to use it in our homeschooling. I am glad you are enjoying it! looks great!

  3. Katie says

    I love that they are learning without really knowing it. That is the kind of information that stays in your head!

  4. Ashley S says

    Wow, my son is too young, but I'll have to recommend this to my nephews. Sounds very cool. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Kat says

    This is a great idea to get kids interested in learning. Educational videos are so much better than regular games. Kids want to play videos anyway so if it is of educational value and fun for the kids that is awesome.

  6. Lena & Alex says

    This kind of learning is so much cooler than what we had in school many years ago

  7. Candice Moretti says

    What a cool idea! I will certainly pass this info along to my nephew! Thanks!

  8. Kevin L says

    Great idea and wonderful review. I think kids spend way way way too much time playing mindless games but this is a great way to have fun and learn.

    Mindless fun is good time sometimes.

    Kevin :)

  9. Myrah says

    I am so pro educational toys! They have fun and at the same time, LEARN! great review!