Wordless Wednesday- Happy Valentines Day!!- Through the Years

FROM LOVE: (super tan from our first vacation ever)

To Marriage:

To being pregnant twice so far:

And having a beautiful family:

I am one lucky girl!! I count my blessing everyday. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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  1. Dave Keller says

    A very beautiful story. Congratulations to both of you, and may you have many more years of happiness together. Thanks for the linkup.

  2. Samantha says

    THE sweetest post! Love your fam, you guys are the cutest! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys! xoxo


    You were super tan. I like it. :) You were so cute when you were pregnant! I loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  4. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    LOVE this post!! What a great idea. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your beautiful family!!

  5. The BOAT says

    So sweet. I LOVE H's skirt. I can't wait until B can get all frilly. We got all out every now and then, but she's so little, some things are still tough (she's still only 20 lbs at 16 mths)

  6. Alison says

    You guys are gorgeous. Happy Belated VDay. And so glad your site finally loaded. Took me 3 times to get it to show up!

  7. Sarah @ It's a Vol says

    This is such a precious post! I love the picture timeline! :) I need to get on twitter more! I miss talking to you!

  8. tmp says

    I loved that post. I am so happy you are part of my family. We love you and that beautiful family very much..

  9. Mommy With Selective Memory says

    That is so fun!! Did you have to scan in your wedding pic? My friend was making fun of me the other day because digital photography didn't really exist as much when we got married in 2003! Haha!! :-)

  10. Maria says

    Melissa, so so sweet to see these wonderful photos and feel the love in your words.
    you and greg are beautiful couple!
    hayley's outfit is super amazing…could she be any cuter? and more happy?! :)
    her and zane look so much alike!

    you're adorable pregnant. your wedding photo is so pretty and made me smile!
    and, um, i LOVE your tan!

    tons of love to you!
    ps-so glad you found the creamer :)

    maria <3

  11. Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters says

    What great pictures!!! It is so neat to see all the different stages of life over the past few years…I love doing that myself:)