Wordless Wednesday- Do my kids look alike?

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  1. KERRY says

    Yes they sure do!! Where do they get their dark features and hair from, must be your husband?
    They are gorgeous kiddos Melissa, always smiling and happy :)
    Yay for being the first commenter woohoo!!!

  2. The BOAT says

    I agree…they totally look alike. I'm not sure about my two…one day they seem identical, and others they look nothing alike. My daughter is 100% me…my son was 100% me but as he's gotten older he looks more like my hubby…they both have my light hair and eyes!

  3. ~C~ says

    Yes! And they are beautiful. I was sure my second son would come out looking just like his big brother – they are complete opposites!

  4. Candice says

    I've always thouht they looked similar, but seeing their cute faces side-by-side…they look soooo much alike! You have some cute kiddos, Mel :)

  5. Allison Rigdon says

    YES! They could almost pass for twins if they were a little closer in age! My youngest 2 are mistaken for twins all the time!

  6. cookiesANDclogs says

    Oh, my goodness – you can only make one kind of kid :P My sister-in-law can only make two kinds :P

  7. Lynsey @MoscatoMom says

    WOW no denying they are related LOL My girls look like they came from two different families ROFL

  8. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thank you everyone. For the record, I do think they look alike but not as alike as some people tell them.

  9. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    WOW! I knew they were similar, but I didn't realize how close until their faces are side by side. They are SO adorable!!

  10. Brandy says

    They are so cute and YES they look so much alike! It's funny my oldest has a different father than my two younger boys and yet the first born boy and my daughter could pass as full blooded siblings because they look so much alike, even though they have different Dads.

  11. Maria says

    Aww! Melissa! They look SO much alike it's crazy!
    I love their dark hair and big brown eyes…such beautiful babes!

    They take after their Mama!

    I hope you're doing well and this week has eased up!
    I've been thinking about you!
    Steve and I thank you so much for all your love and support!

    Tons of love xoxox

  12. Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse says

    Oh yeah for sure:) I love seeing the changes in babies as they grow. I remember the first picture I saw of Zane {of course with the wild hair} and seeing him now….looking more and more like a little boy than baby.