Wedding gifts for Children!

Most little girls love weddings. They enjoy getting dressed up like a princess, getting attention as a flower girl or junior bridesmaid, and enjoy watching their family and friends dress up and be happy together. Little boys are usually a little harder to please. They aren’t typically excited about having to be quiet during the ceremony, but may revel in the attention they receive as ring bearer. It can be difficult to find the perfect wedding gifts for kids, especially since most wedding gift ideas are geared toward adults and made to be looked at rather than played with. 

Some of the wedding gifts found at Bride and Groom Direct are perfect for children. Football or frog shaped money boxes make great wedding gifts because children are just beginning to understand the value of money. They are likely to appreciate a few dollars placed in a beautiful money box just for them. If you’re looking for wedding gift ideas for an active child, an engraved yo-yo may be just right. The yo-yo is a fun toy that most kids know how to use. A yo-yo that has been engraved with their initials is a gift that most kids will play with for years and have fun showing their friends.

When you’re looking for wedding gifts for kids, it is a good idea to think about how the gift will make them feel. Some kids feel out of place at a wedding reception, especially if there aren’t very many other kids attending the party. Personalized high ball glasses they can drink from during the reception are a big hit because they are grown up enough to make children feel like they are included in the adult festivities while still being fun. They can take the glass home and use it to drink from or wrap it up and keep it as a memento of your wedding day and the part they played in making it special.

*This is a partnered post. Images taken with permission from Bride and Groom direct.

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  1. Mama Luvs Books says

    Wow! Those are GREAT!! Wish they had that around when I was getting married. I will be sure to share this awesome post!!

  2. Couponista Queen says

    What a great idea. There were not cute things like this when I got married 15 years ago.

  3. Candice Moretti says

    So cute! Great idea…I will pass this along to my friends getting married this year! Thanks!

  4. Shara Strand says

    Wow, these are fun and very cute gift ideas!!! Kids love gifts and will love getting one after a big day like that!

  5. Jenny at dapperhouse says

    Very cute stuff…that is so true that you should think about how the gift will make the child feel – I LOVE that – great ideas.

  6. Amy says

    Cute ideas! We bought our flower girl and ringbearer childrens books about the important duties of flower girls and ringbearers and then got a picture of them reading their books together on my wedding day, it is one of my favorite pictures!