The Rembrandt Get Glam Kit Huge Fashion Flash Giveaway (1 day only) from The Mommyhood Chronicles

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I am very excited to bring my readers a giveaway from Rembrandt and Hollywood Celebrity Stylist, Mary Alice Stephenson- The Rembrandt Get Glam Quick Prep Kit. If you are like me, you get very excited for award season. The Grammy’s just passed, and now on Sunday, are the wonderful Oscars. Why not get yourself Oscar ready with this special Rembrandt Get Glam Quick Prep kit. This kit contains everything you could need to make you feel truly beautiful. I know there are some days when I struggle to take “me” time and this kit allows me to obtain that. While relaxing and pampering myself with this kit, I am also made to feel like a true superstar.

So what is in the Rembrant Get Glam kit, you might ask? Here is a breakdown of all the products. They are all packaged in a huge plastic makeup case for easy use.

1. Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit: This kit safety whitens deep stains for a noticeably whiter smile in just 2 hours. Included in the package are professionally-inspired custom trays and enamel-safe whitening gel. You will get 2 whitening trays and 8 ampules of whitening gel. In just four 20-minute sessions with short breaks in-between, you will see noticeably whiter teeth. 

2. Hollywood Fashion Tape:  This is a Hollywood must have for everything dealing with apparel. It will hide bra straps, secure revealing necklines, hold up strapless tops, eliminate blouse gasps, fix hems, close wrap skirts, keep scarves/accessories in place, create costumes, adhere body jewels, and anchor shoulder pads. Basically it does everything! 

3. Cynthia Rowley Designer Band-Aids: If you get a cut or bruise, be sure to cover them up with the cutest designer Band-Aids on the market. 

4. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: This water resistant spray-on tags will get your legs tan in an instant. It is available for  light to medium skin tones. Spray-on leg makeup stays fresh and natural looking all day. I know, I personally love to be tan without the harmful effects of the tanning saloons. I will tell you that this spray does the trick! 

5. Fashion Saverz: One of my favorite products in the kit. This fashion savers removes deodorant marks in a swipe. You know when you wear that black top and get the dreaded deodorant stain. Well, simply use this and voila- it is gone! It addition it can  remove pet hairs from clothes and upholstery, and will remove most make up residue from your clothing. It is easy to hold and swipe and reusable up to 30 times.

5. Smiths’s Rosebud Lip Balm: A must have to prevent those dry and chapped lips. 

6. Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse: This mousse boosts body in all different hair types. You apply a small amount to damp hair and you can then style with a blow dryer. I loved using this on my hair.

7. Smashbox Photo Primer: One of the industry’s best selling primer! Create a perfect canvas for foundation application with this silky blend of vitamin A and E, grape seed extract, and green tea. This totally unique formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for visibly softer skin. Wear under foundation to increase its longevity, or alone for a velvety smooth finish. Apply a pea- sized amount to clean or moisturizing skin using fingertips for complexion perfection.

8. Salley Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Get your nails in tip top shape with this beautiful nail polish.

9. 2- Reach Total Care Plus Whitening: Make sure your teeth are in tip top shape with the Reach Total Care Plus Whitening. Remember flossing is important- spoken like a true dentist! I love this floss and recommend it to my patients.

10. Neutrogena Make-Up Remover: You will need to remove your make-up after a long day of looking beautiful. These pads do just the trick.

11. Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste: I will be honest and say, that I have used Rembrandt before I received these products. Now, I am a huge fan and will continue to use them! This whitening toothpaste whitens deeper and helps restore enamel.

Many of the stars used this kit during their award season as well as in several fashion weeks across the country. While this kit is not currently on the market for sale, you can win on The Mommyhood Chronicles.
*****1 winner will receive all of these products. This is a very easy giveaway. There is no rafflecopter, rather simply comment with what you are most excited to receive. Don’t worry- you will receive it all but I like to know your favorites. Please make sure you leave a valid email. For an additional entry, you can subscribe to my email. You can see the icon on the middle right side of the page. If you do this, please leave an additional comment so I know. I will be validating this.  This giveaway is going to be quick- starts tonight (2/22) at 8 pm and will end Thursday night (2/23) at 11:59 pm. One winner will be picked via on Friday am. US only. Good Luck!

*Thank you to the PR firm for supplying these products. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Dara says

    I would love the Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse. My hair is so straight and flat, and it could use a lift!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  2. Lisa Peterson says

    Wow this would be amazing to try. What a fun box.
    I'd love to try the Smashbox Photo Primer, my complexion lately is a mess and I try to steer away from cover ups and concealers.
    Thank you for this awesome chance!!

  3. Samantha says

    I love that Cynthia Rowley makes band-aids! I am in desperate need of a tan, so I am going to go with the airbrush tan for the legs!

  4. beccajoy says

    I am most excited about the Smith's Rosebud balm!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    beccajmann at gmail dot com

  5. Ashley S says

    I'm so excited about the Smashbox Photo Primer! Love love love smashbox products, and I've always wanted to try the primer. Thanks for the giveaway!
    abgillette at

  6. Freebies WITH Attitude says

    I LOVE anything that has to do with teeth whitening so I love that!! Thanks for the chance..

  7. Shopping for Savings says

    It all sounds awesome :) My top 2 would be the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and Smashbox Photo Primer.


  8. Christine says

    The Fashion Saverz sounds interesting!

    I subscribed to your emails! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  9. Deb Hornick Gotham says

    I would love to try the Smashbox Photo primer..thanks so much for this opportunity!!!

  10. jwfong says

    Pretty excited for the case itself, but definitely the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit!

    jfong1130 at yahoo dot com

  11. Erin C says

    I think I would be most excited about receiving the Hollywood Fashion Tape. I have a outfit or two that I could use that for. Thank you very much for such a great giveaway.
    Erin Cash

  12. Trudy Z. says

    I would be most excited for the Rembrandt 2 hour whitening kit. Time to spruce up my teeth
    tzufelt01 at gmail dot com

  13. Bertha Brown says

    How neat. i would love the designer band aids. It would be something my friends have never seen before. I subscribed to the email updates. My email is thanks for this sweet giveaway.

  14. Andi says

    I'm very excited about the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit and the Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse. I am very self-conscious about my teeth and I would love something to make my hair more full!

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

  15. Annalisa Diaz says

    I can't decide between the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening kit or the Smashbox Photo Primer! Both!

    Champion1953 at aol dot com

  16. Valeen says

    I would love to try the Full Thickening Mousse! I desparately need something like this for my hair!

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  17. Erica C. says

    I'm most excited to try the Smith's Rosebud Lip Balm since I've never tried it before and my lips get chapped easily.

  18. Cheryl says

    Mm… I love everything! But I am most excited about the Sally Hanson Manicure set!! :-)

    cherylnitz at yahoo dot com

  19. alicia humphrey says

    I'm most excited about the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit! I've tried crest whitestrips but they're annoying and hurt my gums.

    allyann89 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  20. Belle says

    Yay! I'm excited about the Fashion Saverz, because I just saw them on TV and I'm a terrible klutz when it comes to getting deoderant on my clothes! Thank you!
    l-belle at hotmail dot com

  21. wendi says

    this might be really crazy but i am excited about the band aids! it is just something i always forget to buy and as well and the lip balm here in Ohio it really comes in handy! thank you for raffle!

  22. Belle says

    I also subscribed via yahoo rss feed. Thank you!
    l-belle at hotmail dot com or
    bellescoupons at yahoo dot com
    I answered above: "Yay! I'm excited about the Fashion Saverz, because I just saw them on TV and I'm a terrible klutz when it comes to getting deoderant on my clothes! Thank you!"

  23. MamaStace says

    I'm most excited about the Smashbox Photo Prime. thanks for the giveaway!


  24. Anonymous says

    I would love to get Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit,I will be having red wine for my at home Oscar party ! LOL !

  25. Michaela R says

    I would be most excited for the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit!


  26. Chelsey says

    My favorite is probably the Smashbox Photo Primer or Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.


  27. Michelle says

    Love the rosebud lip balm but could definitely use the hollywood tape, have had that happen one too many times with straps falling down shoulders ugh. My daughter though would probably go nuts over the designer band-aids. She puts them on for the tiniest of scratches whenever we've had ones like Hello Kitty. Thanks for a fun and awesome giveaway :)

  28. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    I drink too much coffee – give me the teeth whitener! Great giveaway!!

  29. jphutchens says

    Fashion Saverz sounds like a great product to have on hand. I would like to try it.
    cooladam1 at live dot com

  30. laurasloves says

    I love the Cynthia Rowley Designer Band-Aids as I am always getting paper cuts at work at these would make me look chic instead of just clumsy!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  31. MySentimentExactLee says

    I'm desperate for some body in my hair so the Living Proof mouse is calling my name!

    Lee :)

  32. Modern Day Disciple says

    Sally Hanson Nail stuff. Yup, nails need some love, but the lip balm sounds nice too.

  33. huggr1960 says

    Most excited about the Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste, but the whole kit is reallllly cool! Good luck all …

  34. Debbie C says

    I would love most the Hollywood Fashion Tape. I have been looking for a similar product in stores and have had no luck.


  35. Ashley says

    I am so excited for the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit sounds so interesting!


  36. Denise C. says

    What an amazing assortment of products! I think
    I'm stuck between being mostly excited trying the Rembrandt Deeply white toothpaste and the Fashion Saverz! Brilliant!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  37. Terri's Little Haven says

    Thank you for the chance to with this super awesome giveaway. If I win the product I think I would love the most is the Smiths's Rosebud Lip Balm. It sounds wonderful and my lips would love me :).

  38. Anonymous says

    How exciting to win a box of fun, girly stuff!! I think I'd probably appreciate the teeth whitener most. I've always wanted some but never seem to splurge on myself. :)

  39. Mtlgrl4evr says

    I would most like to try the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Tandt625 at hotmail dot com

  40. LauraJJ says

    I am most excited about the Neutrogena Make-Up Remover! Love Neutrogena products!
    landfjacobson @

  41. Joe says

    My favorite is the fancy pants band aids. My son is only 9 months, but you know kids, they want fancy bandaids, not plain ones.

  42. crystalf says

    I would be most excited to try the Smiths's Rosebud Lip Balm. thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  43. sheilassecret says

    Sa-weeet! What a great box of products! I love to try new things like these and appreciate the chance to win. :) Good luck everybody!

  44. Lori Doherty says

    11 years ago, if you had asked me what my favorite GLAM item is… I would have answered differently. But, …. as the mother of 3 ~ my favorite item in the box is the Band-Aids! I buy them weekly!! We use them as stickers, boo boo covers and stuffed animal repair essentials! I love any Band-Aid with a design on it because the kids get so excited for them! Band-Aids rule at my house!!!!! :)

    Lori Doherty

  45. Jeanine L. says

    I would love to win the Sally Hansen airbrush legs the most, but the whole giveaway is fabulous!
    jeanine215 at hotmail dot com

  46. Anonymous says

    I want them ALL!!! But I would be looking forward to the whitening kit, the Rembrandt 2 hour kit. I've been wanting to get that!

    Spacemonkey907 (at)

  47. Anonymous says

    Oh my goodness gracious!! I would love to win this!! I want to try a teeth whitening kit but they are soooo expensive! I also would like to try foundation but don't want to buy it and not like it.

    Thanks for this opportunity! :)
    Robin Bouza

  48. Krystle says

    I would be most excited for Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, but the band aids would be a close second hehe

    krystlekouture at yahoo dot com

  49. BlackAsphodel says

    I am most excited about the Smashbox Photo Primer.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  50. Captive Embroidery says

    I think I'm most excited about the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.
    captiveembroidery at gmail dot com

  51. Calli says

    I am most excited by the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit, but also the smashbox photofinish primer!
    geminicalli at yahoo dot com

  52. kathy pease says

    im most excited about the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit. I have been wanting to try this :)


  53. Kendra Gillilan says

    Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse as I need some help there!!!
    kendraco22 at yahoo dot com

  54. Holly S. says

    I am most excited about the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit. I could always use brighter teeth. Thanks!

  55. Yvonne Woodstock says

    I am excited about all of it being the girly girl that I am!
    But if I could only pick ONE thing it is especially the
    Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit (I am addicted to teeth whiteners)
    May not be a celebrity but still want that glamorous sparkling celebrity smile! : )


  56. Candice Moretti says

    I love the Neutrogena Make-Up Remover! I use it all the time and I love it! :)
    thenewmodernmomma (at)

  57. ferriz says

    i would really love the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit. My teeth TOTALLY need it… i may or may not be addicted to diet coke. :: blushes ::


  58. carolpie says

    2 Hour Whitening kit since I drink alot of coffee and eat berries. My granddaughter asked me why my teeth were yellow. Yikes!
    spcale at yahoo dot com
    carol lewis

  59. Sara M says

    I'm really excited about the Smashbox Photo Primer! I love primers, they make your skin look so smooth & flawless.

  60. shawna durk says

    oh i could have used the Fashion Saverz yesterday. I didnt even know they made this type of product :D

  61. Katy says

    What an awesome box! What woman wouldn't love this??? I'm most excited about the Cynthia Rowley Designer Band-Aids, but I currently use the Smashbox Primer and it's amazing!


    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  62. lisa morse says

    I am excited about the self tanner. Im so pale and Im going on vacation soon! Thanks lisam2880 at yahoo dot com

  63. Jenny at dapperhouse says

    I am a huge fan of the Smashbox Primer!!
    I am excited about winning the teeth whitener too.
    Very Generous and top quality giveaway!!

    jenny at dapperhouse


  64. Ash says

    Fashion Tape!! I love this stuff-especially because I am really short and all of my shirts dip a little too much for my liking ;)
    ashley dot thur at utoronto dot ca

  65. Jenny at dapperhouse says

    I want to win it all and especially the whitening kit!!

    Thanks so much!

    dapperhouse@gmail (dot) com

  66. tamathamc says

    I would love to try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, thanks for the giveaway. tamathamc at hotmail dot com

  67. Daniel M says

    Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste, can't get rembrandt around here anymore for some reason – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  68. wendym says

    Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste is my favorite product in the bunch to try!

    wendym at cableone dot net