Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our #BlogHop

I hope you all had a great week! Of course, Zane is sick again, so I am hoping he feels better soon. I have no idea how he gets sick so much, as he mostly  at home. I just want my little man to be happy again soon.

Anyway, I can’t wait to read your laughs. I hope you enjoy my laughs as well!  If you would help me promote this blog hop on twitter/fb/google plus, that would be appreciated. It is such a cute hop, so would love to get as many people as we could to participate. I personally go through every single one and you all make me crack up weekly. Truly a great way to start the weekend!  There is only one rule and that is to not link up any post that is not a top 5 laugh, cute, or funny post. It wouldn’t be fair to those who participate to read these posts.


My top 5 laughs:

5. This is not so much funny as it is cute. Zane, at the age of 10 months, wants nothing to do with cuddling with me anymore. He just wants to crawl around and be active. This morning he had a very high fever and he just  sat with me on the rocking chair and fell asleep. I waited about 20 minutes to try to transport him to his crib. He was not having it. He just wanted to sleep with me. We slept that way for over 2 hours and there was really nothing better than having my sweet baby boy really need me. I just loved the cuddles.

4. Zane has a tendency to pull Hayley’s hair. Hayley is getting to the point where she doesn’t think it is cute anymore. The other day when Zane was doing it, Hayley turns to me and says, “Mommy, you better put him in time out because he doesn’t listen well.”

3. As most of you saw my earlier sleep post  from the week,  I need sleep, you know that I have not been sleeping much this week. I recently told Hayley to say “aboogawaga” if she gets scared in the middle of the night. So, at 2 am last night, she says, “Aboogawaga.” Next things she says, “Mommy, I said the word. I think you need to come here and say it for it work.” LOL!

2. I am not sure if I told most of you Zane’s 9 month stats but he was 80 percent in weight and 30 percent in height. Enough said!

1. Last night we took Hayley to Mary Poppins, which was fantastic! During intermission, she tells me “Mommy, can we invite Mary over tomorrow. She is just too cool.” I told her Mary was busy performing in another show tomorrow night and she says, “That’s Okay, we will invite her over next week!”

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  1. Megan Stilley says

    Hopefully Zane will get better soon. How did you come up with that code word? That is funny.

  2. Maria says

    i am cracking up at hayley inviting miss poppins over! so funny and cute! :)
    i saw her photo on fb…omygoodness, she's so pretty…her outfit was awesome…loved the hot pink!!
    i'm so sorry zane isn't feeling well…i hope he feels better very soon and that you get to enjoy the weekend <3
    lots of love to you all, melissa

  3. Amber says

    Hope Zane is feeling better soon.

    I can't say it enough–Hayley is great. "You better put him in time out" totally reminds me of something I would have said about my little brother.

  4. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    I feel bad for Zane! Poor guy, I hope spring comes soon and these germs leave with winter! I do love cuddles, it's too bad that they come at the cost of a sick baby. I am still laughing about his percentiles – priceless!! I love the things that H comes up with! Timeout and Mary coming over, seriously funny! I love when they're unintentionally funny. I hope next week is a better week for sleep in your house! Hugs!

  5. Adventures with Little man says

    I didn't get a chance to write my top five laughs tonight but I still stopped by to check out the action. I really hope your little man is feeling better soon. Isnt it crazy how they are just fine or almost alseep in your arms but that moment you think that its safe to move them to the crib they want nothing to do with it at all!

  6. Coupon Queen says

    Your daughter says the cutest things!! I can't wait till Zane starts to talk too, those should be some interesting conversations. As for getting a little sleep, you could tell them YOU were naughty and need a time out for a nap. ;)

  7. Sandy -- As Told By Mommy says

    Um…they really are too cute! For reals!! I love your laughs!! What darlings! I like the monster word haha…I had to read it like five times to figure out how to say it!

  8. robyn says

    Aww, my littlest is about the same age as Zane, and it's so tough to be torn between wanting them to grow and explore, and wanting them to curl up in your arms. :) Funny post!

  9. Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar says

    Oh! This is such a fun link up! Hope your sweetie gets better soon. I have two sick littles today. :(

  10. Mom of 12 says

    Thanks for the idea! I linked up my sweetie's guest post. Maybe all of your friends will enjoy it too.


    Hopefully Zane gets better! William is coming down with a cold. :( Makes me sad. Anyway, I linked up, just for you. :) Having Mary over to hang out would be awesome! I will meet you at your house next week when she comes! Ha ha. Have a great weekend!

  12. Jeremy, Censie and Jude says

    hehe! Oops! Wrong post! ;) Thanks for letting me know!

    Hayley is adorable! I am glad you guys had fun. And I really hope that Zane starts feeling better. Sick kiddos are the worst for parents!

  13. Nika Corwin says

    How sweet are your children?! LOVE it! I hope the little one feels better soon! Thanks for hosting–I'm excited to read all of these new blogs! I posted my facebook account accidentally first which is why I'm on there twice. I still barely know what I am doing on here, but I'm enjoying myself, so there's THAT, right? I look forward to hearing more stories–thanks again!

  14. NewlyCrunchyMamaOf3 says

    Awesome idea! I added my link…But I think it just makes my hubby and kids look insane,lol

  15. Samantha says

    Aww, poor Zane, hope little man feels better soon. Umm, #5, melted me. There is no feeling in the world like it.

    And, can I tell you how much I love Hayley's personality?!?! She is just too funny!

    I'm gonna post my top laughs today, yes, I know it's Sunday :( I'm bad. lol.

  16. Alison says

    Hi, sorry to hear you have a sick little one. My kids go back to back with colds.
    visiting on the weekend blog hop! nice to be here.

  17. Jamie L. says

    Hayley is so cute with the stuff she says. lol. I hope zane feels better soon. We are getting over being sick so I feel your pain…

  18. cribs for twins says

    Oh! This is such a fun link up! Hope your sweetie gets better soon. I have two sick littles today. :(